Album Review: Sky Ferreira – ‘Night Time, My Time’

Sky_Ferreira_-_Night_Time,_My_TimeThe long awaited album by Sky Ferreira has finally arrived. After four unreleased albums, it has been an arduous journey for the 21 year old in creating Night Time, My Time and the result is a raw and rocky affair. The cover artwork features a topless Ferreira standing in a shower, a deviation from the squeaky clean pop star her label wanted and this sets the tone for the rest of the album.

Sky worked with a variety of producers on the record, including frequent collaborator Ariel Rechtshaid. The outcome is an album heavily influenced by 80’s pop and 90’s grunge. Lead single You’re Not The One, infuses Ferreira’s soaring voice and dark vocals with the essence of Madonna circa True Blue. Some difficult issues are dealt with, with Sky singing on opening track, Boys, “You put my faith back in boys”. The lyrics have particular resonance when we keep in mind the sexual abuse she suffered as a young teen, with which Sky has spoken openly about.

Love and resentment are common themes, especially on stand out Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay). It’s an intense song, with a shattering bass line yet it maintains a balance between power pop with vulnerability and despair. Ferreira never fails to be creative but this never leads to songs falling flat, they continue to be incredibly catchy. This is especially shown on I Blame Myself, where the guitars die down and Sky’s silvery voice is fully exposed. Fans may disappoint that favourite, Everything is Embarrassing is omitted from Night Time, My Time but it just isn’t a track that suits this adrenaline fuelled record.

Sky Ferreira hasn’t been without her fair share of controversy. With a recent drug scandal, it’s small wonder why she has been chosen as the opening act for Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz tour, with the child star’s constant bid to distance herself from her previous image. Yet Ferreira doesn’t need such publicity stunts or tabloid headlines. Her music stands for itself, and Night Time, My Time is one of the most exciting albums of this year.

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