Live Review: letlive., Clwb Ifor Bach, 15.10.13

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Since letlive. broke into the UK hardcore scene following the release of their critically acclaimed album Fake History in 2010, they have never failed to impress, especially in the live arena.  The bands chaotic, visceral live reputation often precedes them; first arriving in the UK in the summer of 2011 for a few small support slot runs and a couple of festival slots, causing mayhem at each and every one of their dates.  They never give less than their all and their performance at Clwb Ifor Bach on 15th October 2013 is absolutely no exception.

They arrive at the sweaty, sold out, upstairs room at the small venue in Cardiff’s town centre and appear astonished at the reception to their first headline show in Wales; “we had no idea anyone in this part of the world gave a shit about our band”.  It’s hard to do letlive. justice as a live band.  They are, without doubt, the most exhilarating live band around; playing outstanding, chaotic, emotionally charged, intelligent and aggressive music with a performance to match.  The band revolves around the volatile frontman, Jason Aalon Butler, who provides a primal, engaging performance filled to the brim with intensity that you quite simply cannot take your eyes off.  He is a Tasmanian devil of energy, throwing himself around the stage without any regard for his, or anyone else’s safety. The nuance of his performance in particular is spellbinding, and I defy anyone to keep themselves from being sucked in by his exceptional onstage persona that not only includes his manic behaviour, but also intense, tear jerking spoken word interludes that dissect his childhood and past relationships.

Given the well-deserved, unanimous praise they received for their latest, flawless output in the form of their album, The Blackest Beautiful, there is absolutely no stopping letlive..  They will certainly always be considered as a hugely important band in heavy, aggressive music, having brought a level of emotional intensity that can’t be matched.  letlive. are more than a band, they are more a lifestyle or attitude one can adopt, which is an extremely exciting prospect for new music.  Listen to them, go to show, the hyperbole is completely justified.

Jack Glasscock

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