Let’s Write About Sex and Relationships

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Words by Laura Dazon & Art by @thepaperphantasm on Instagram

Welcome to Spotlight: Sex and Relationships!

With this post, we celebrate the start of a new project. This year, Quench finally has a space dedicated to sex and relationships! Up until now, the Cardiff student media has lacked a reliable safe space to talk about one of the most important parts of student life.

Spotlight is our remedy.

What you can expect from us

Just like accounting or cooking, relationships is something we can learn. It is a common belief that love and sex is something you are either naturally good at – or not. We are here to debunk the myth, and provide you with practical tools to a more fulfilling relationship with relationships.

Spotlight strives to expand our understanding of love, sex, and relationships through research, interviews with students, and industry workers and doctors insights. This way we hope to provide you with content that is both relatable and helpful.

This section is a space for students to explore their loves, their failures, their triumphs, their experiences and their lessons. Whether you’re queer, single, in a relationship, a serial dater or a lone wolf, there’s a place for your story at Spotlight. Above all, we’re committed to exploring the nuances of intimacy in all its forms. If you’re willing to share your story with us – anonymously or otherwise – we’re willing to listen. The more honest the conversation, the more we can all get to understand these odd dimensions of ourselves a little better.

So, let’s write about sex and relationships.

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