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Summer Holiday Essentials

by Jenna Dowling

[click on the images- we’ve only gone and added links for you to online shop these essentials- you’re welcome!]

With summer in full swing I’m sure many of you are preparing to jet off. Here are some summer essentials for whether you’re sunning yourself in the South of France or, rather less glamorously, working away your student debt and spending your days off enjoying the current heatwave. Keep on reading as these products are perfect for you.

First, the most important summer essential: sun cream. This year more than ever we have seen beauty bloggers and Instagrammer’s drill into us the importance of keeping our skin protected and hey, if it means I can keep wrinkly skin at bay, I am all for it.  Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration is the perfect way to avoid sun damage without leaving you with oily sticky skin that most sun protection does. It feels amazingly light and has Hawaiian tropics typical ‘island inspired fragrances’ so really, it doesn’t feel like sun cream at all.



Want to avoid sun damage but still want to show off a tan this summer? Well you can have both but you may have to accept the fact that it will come from a bottle (if like me then you have the annual complexion of a ghost then this may be easier to accept). Body on demand have recently released a self-tanning range recommended by influencers such as Chessie King and Made in Chelsea’s Tiff Watson. The tan gives you in instant glow with an easy all over application that effortlessly washes off. Perfect for an instant top-op to make you feel more confident the instant glow can even be mixed in with foundation for a subtler colour.



Both sun cream and the heat can leave your skin feel tired, dry, and just a bit gross. Body Shop have come through yet again, with what I think is the perfect solution to this problem: face mist sprays. Although they come in a range of ingredients all targeting different areas, my recommendation is the mandarin energising spray. It’s refreshing and hydrating on the skin and with the added ingredient of caffeine it helps tired skin feel rejuvenated (also a bonus if your holiday includes a few unintentional benders). Not to mention this product is 100% Vegan and cruelty free so really you can’t go wrong.



In terms of holiday fashion lets talk animal print. This trend has been huge this season and never having being someone to wear it before I personally have fully embraced this trend. There are options for everyone, go full-out in a leopard print maxi, or keep it more reserved with a dash of print ina headscarf, or headband- another trend this season.






And finally, sunglasses. This summer has seen the trend grow and really, you’re not doing it right if you don’t have a different pair for every day of the week. The best place to find them following the advice of youtuber Mika Francis (@wilddaze) is on ebay or depop with a range of eclectic and vintage styles at reasonable prices.