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Review: Buffalo Comedy, Buffalo

Buffalo Comedy, Sunday 2nd April, Buffalo, reviewer: Hannah Hopkins

Acts: Rhys James, Tanya Spence-Kelly, Calum Stewart, Leroy Britto; MC: Clint...


Interview: Chris Ramsey

Chris Ramsey has just embarked on his biggest tour to date, Is That Chris Ramsey?, culminating in a massive homecoming gig at Newcastle’s Metro Arena...


Review: Dirty Dancing, New Theatre

Dirty Dancing, Monday 27th March, New Theatre, reviewer: Mel Lynch

If you do nothing else this month go see Dirty Dancing at the New theatre, it is genuinely...


Review: Killology, Sherman Theatre

Killology, Tuesday 28th March, Sherman Theatre, reviewer: Tom Morris

This is the kind of life affirming art one might not expect local theatre to show. Yet...


Review: Evita, New Theatre

Evita, Monday 20th March, New Theatre, Reviewer: Hannah Hopkins

Evita has always, for me at least, been one of those musicals known for a few great songs...


Review: Seanmhair, The Other Room

Seanmhair, Thursday 16th March, The Other Room, Reviewer: Isabel Wright

Pebbles would crack against my window in the pitch of the night
I’d lean out and say...


Review: Gaslight, New Theatre

Gaslight, Tuesday 14th March, New Theatre, Reviewer: Hannah Hopkins

A Victorian townhouse in London. Bella Manningham is slowly losing her mind. A picture...