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For a good time, call…



DIRECTOR: Jamie Travis

STARRING: Justin long, Ari Graynor, Lauren Miller


Old enemies and polar opposites Lauren (Miller) and Katie (Graynor) coincidentally both need financial support to afford their dream apartment in the heart of New York City.  United by their gaudy mutual friend Jesse (Long), we slowly witness the amusing (yet predictable) transition of financial to emotional support in this cringe worthy series of unfortunate (and occasionally explicit) events.

Ari Graynor’s portrayal of an uptight and anal ‘trust fund princess’ is executed fairly well, but lifeless compared to the effervescent Lauren Anne Miller whose dancing pole is the focal point of her ‘highly sought after’ Grammercy apartment.

The regrettably short appearance of Seth Rogen, playing an extremely horny pilot who is prepared to delay his flight until the phone sex line accomplishes its primary purpose, humorously showcases the extent to how far the film is willing to go in terms of vulgarity.  Further cameos from Mimi Rodgers and Don McManus who play Lauren’s parents, have an annoyingly good habit of ‘checking up’ on Lauren, which makes for an enjoyable and much needed break in-between the sex talk.

His film is arguably the raunchier version of Bridesmaids, but non-comparable due its extensive use of crude humor, much like the style of ‘Inbetweener’, Jay. As the title suggests, this film will suffice those dirty minded individuals looking for a good time.  However, do not expect anything more than that; what you can expect is a constant stream of unashamed sexual innuendo, the occasional moral message, and plenty of dildos.

For A Good Time, Call will certainly not win an Ocsar, but it will teach you the importance of never attempting to urinate in a moving car, the very reason for the girls becoming enemies in the first place.


Jack McCarthy

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