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DIRECTOR: Scott Derrikson

STARRING: Ethan Hawke, James Banson, Clare Foley

RATING: 5.5/10
The highly anticipated new horror film by Scott Derrikson, best known for his direction of the Paranormal Activity films, is terrifying from start to finish and will leave you unnerved for hours, or even days afterwards.

On the pursuit to resurrect his failing career , a struggling writer (Hawke) moves his family to a small town, with the hope of solving the mystery behind a gruesome murder that took place in his new home, less than a year before. In trying to solve the mystery of this murder he falls upon home footage, which not only pinpoints the source of these murders but leads him and his family into the path of a supernatural entity.

Sinister is a well-thought out horror, with its own very convincing mythology and brilliant soundtrack. The direction of this film is fantastic; Derrikson is able to unnerve and terrify his audience before the real reason to be scared is unveiled, all by cleverly utilising sound, prop-placement and setting. As well as that, Hawke gives a brilliant performance as the fame and success-hungry writer, who puts his family in danger in order to write a best-seller. Both of these combined creates a very chilling ambiance for this clever film.

Unfortunately, the film is stronger in mood than it is in story and dialogue, but that is the same concept of the Paranormal Activity films, you come out of the cinema not caring about the characters but more about the scares, so don’t let that put you off. This is a brilliant horror and all I can say is, thank god it wasn’t in 3D!

Becky Wilson


With Thanks to Cineword.

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