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Review: Trainwreck


To be completely honest, before Trainwreck, the only other time I had heard of the name ‘Amy Schumer’ was when I was reading an article – in my vast procrastinating period of time – on this rising comedienne who had purposely tripped over in front of the paparazzi-hunted couple Mr and Mrs Kanye West, a small thing that made me giggle a bit. I did not think much about her, I just thought it was another hot-shot wannabe trying to catch media attention (which she successfully gained).

Amy Schumer and Bill Hader in Trainwreck

But the fact is – Ms Schumer has left me impressed with Trainwreck, for which she also wrote the screenplay (Judd Apatow directed). She plays Amy – your unconventional ‘reverse-Nicholas Sparks’ rom-com lead female protagonist who knows that she possesses what other people may consider flaws, but flaunts them as her positive aspects – sleeps around (many times) with different men, drinks a lot, gets stoned and does not believe in relationships (“monogamy isn’t realistic”). Weirdly enough, with the use of the fantastic script, she still plays a very relatable character, for today’s modern female audience, who is also afraid to settle and to open up to love.

This is where Bill Hader comes in, and he is ace as Schumer’s love interest. This SNL veteran adds further comical spice to the screen playing Dr Aaron Conners, a doctor to sports figures such as LeBron James, Amar’e Stoudemire, as well as Ferris Bueller himself – Matthew Broderick. As Dr Conners performs a surgery whilst jamming to Billy Joel’s ‘‘Uptown Girl’’, he manages to convince Amy out on a date. A loving relationship begins, narrated by an off-screen Schumer, and this comic duo will not let you stop laughing.

Amy Schumer and LeBron James exchange looks in Trainwreck

You expect rom-com clichés to appear from every corner, but thankfully this never happens, as Amy constantly amuses the audience with hilarious, over-the-top, raunchy one liners; as well as the most random occurrences that happen, like LeBron James’ continuous cameo appearance as Hader’s close friend and confidant who looks after his emotions, provides romance tips and endlessly urges him to watch the latest episode of Downtown Abbey with him. Also, Trainwreck probably has the best (or worst?) ‘dirty talk’ scene that, personally, left me in tears (from laughing…obviously).

Marielle Wilkinson