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Editors Picks: December 2019

This month, we wanted to switch things up slightly and help you get to know the three people that run Quench’s Film + TV section a bit better. So here...

Film & TV

LFF Review: Marriage Story

By Anastasia Kropotina
Noah Baumbach tenth feature film and the most personal one yet, Marriage Story, gives an outlook on divorce like no other work I have...

Film & TV

3 Cult Horror Films

If you’re looking for something a bit more out there for your Halloween viewing pleasure, here are 3 less seen films that have nonetheless garnered...

Film & TV

Review: Joker

By Adam Gage

Joker can often feel like a shallow and try-hard film, but then can also be completely absorbing in moments with an engrossing lead...

Film & TV

Review: Ad Astra

by Adam Gage
Less of an operatic, Sci-Fi, action filled exploration drama, Ad Astra is much more inclined to be a meditative treatise on the masculine tendency...

Film & TV

Movies VS Reality: Summer Edition

We all know that life isn’t like the movies and, after Christmas, no other time of year is more overly-glamorised by films than summer. So, how different...

Film & TV

Review: Midsommar

By Caleb Carter
Ever needed a good cry?
Last year, Hereditary proved to be a runaway success: a candle-lit, black nightmare of familial leashes and compounded...

Food & Drink

Five Films on Food

By Chloe Erin

Now that winter and – yes, I’ll say it – Christmas, is snowballing towards us faster than you can say January deadlines, you might...