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The Tomorrow People: “In Too Deep” Review

Warning! Spoilers follow

the tomorrow people 1x02 - in too deep - kurtKurt, the latest teenager to “break out”

“In Too Deep” felt like it had returned to the days when television shows had to keep repeating the same exposition over and over again for viewers who hadn’t seen every episode. Granted, they just got started and I understand that they wanted to make sure everyone’s on the same page, but this was basically Pilot 2.0 for The Tomorrow People.

Once again Stephen found himself struggling to appease The Tomorrow People, trying to convince them to stand up to Ultra and Jedikiah. Once again he meets resistance, and yet The Tomorrow People show up just in time to save the day. And for the second week in a row, the episode ends with the tenuous partnership of Stephen and Price; both determined to use the other to their own ends.

The episode started off well with a really clever bank heist. The security guard’s performance was brilliantly as he was pulled in each direction like a ventriloquist dummy. The sequence at the house when Stephen telepathically let Vaughn know where their target was worked well with the kill squad coming in acting as an ugly reminder to Stephen that he is in over his head.

normal_TP102a_1946r_5d21fc67John and Cara getting intimate after a super-powered sparring match

And after a pilot where Stephen seemed to get a handle on his powers remarkably fast, it was really refreshing to see him struggle a bit. Accidentally making up his room and teleporting into the janitor’s bucket were great touches, but I really laughed when he managed to face plant the wall when in pursuit of Kurt.

Just two episodes in we don’t really have any character development beyond their basic type – Stephen’s the hero, Jedikiah is evil, etc., but so far things are very black and white. It is worth noting that Jedikiah makes some valid points about The Tomorrow People, specifically that there are more scared teenagers discovering their own powers every day with the ability to cause who knows how much trouble; Kurt serves as an extremely apt example.

It is way too early to determine whether or not The Tomorrow People will develop into a more complicated show with deeper characters and the larger plot that’s been hinted at. Two episodes is not a big enough sample size, it will be better to judge five or six episodes in when we have a greater sense of the characters and larger plot. Nevertheless, these two episodes have felt incredibly similar. Hopefully they’ll “break out” of the mold soon.

In Too Deep Score

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