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The Tomorrow People: “Pilot” Review

This article marks the beginning of a new feature for the Film & TV section and Quench as a whole; here is the first article in the “Episode Review” feature. In the coming weeks and months Quench will be brining you episode by episode reviews of many popular shows (from The Tomorrow People, to Arrow, to Boardwalk Empire) and hopefully there will be many more shows to come. We hope this will keep you more informed and up-to-date with everything TV because what matters is you, the reader. Sound off in the comments section below to let us know what you think of this new feature and let us know what shows you would like to see covered episodically.

The Tomorrow People

The Tomorrow People is a remake of a British show from the 70’s about teenagers who develop super powers (specifically the three Ts; Teleportation, Telepathy and Telekinesis) fighting against a powerful organization that wants them contained. The pilot is an interesting, if derivative, hour that uses its nifty special effects judiciously and moves fast to get the story going.

Robbie Amell (cousin of Arrow star Stephen Amell) stars as Stephen Jameson, a Brooklyn teenager living with his mum and younger brother, who has hit some hard times. He’s disliked at school, he’s hearing a woman’s voice in his head and his sleepwalking has become enough of a problem that the neighbors are now threatening to call the cops. Stephen’s mum takes on extra shifts to pay the mounting bills for all his doctors who believe he is developing schizophrenia as his dad who abandoned them years ago, but he still has some fond flashbacks of Dad doing slight-of-hand magic tricks for him as a kid.

Stephen soon finds himself dropped into a world where there is a war going on that he never knew existed and he’s being heavily sought by both sides. The superpowered contingent is called “The Tomorrow People” and their enemy is a shady, powerful group called Ultra, run by Dr. Price, played by Mark Pellegrino (Lost, Supernatural, Dexter, most television series) who actually makes some valid points about why the Tomorrow People should be kept track of. The teleportation effects are really, really spectacular without being overused while the fight scenes are fast, energetic and cleverly staged. With a story reminiscent of The Matrix, the pilot charts the hero’s journey from troubled teen to reluctant Chosen One.

PilotMark Pellegrino as Dr. Jedikiah Price in The Tomorrow People

However, as the lead character, and our eyes into this world, Stephen spends most of this first hour being very wishy-washy – alternately arguing with the Tomorrow People and wanting no part of their fight and then bizarrely switching to defending them. By the end he seems to have come to a decision that points towards the direction the show will go in its first few episodes, but getting there feels much more like the demands of the story putting him where he is rather than the natural progression of a character.

Of course, this is just the pilot and there’s plenty of time for more character development (hopefully they will to better than Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) and there are a few encouraging signs in the final half of this first episode that hint at a potentially more complex show. As a pilot episode, it does its job well in setting up the world and the players quickly. As with any series it could go either way in the coming weeks, but there’s enough here to have me interested in watching more (especially the effects). Keep tuned to Quench for more episode reviews of The Tomorrow People.

TTP Score

What did you think to the pilot? What do you think to our new “Episode Review” feature? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  • Well I won’t watch it past the pilot so figures will drop after the pilot episode. I will still give you my opinion on the next review. I won’t let them axe Agents of Shield, I will always watch it. Simmons is the best character in the show

    • Wow! They are losing one viewer in you! I don’t think they will keep Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D going just because of one viewer. If the show doesn’t hit the ratings it will go

  • A pilot’s function is to introduce characters, plot and to entice a wide audience into watching the programme/series. Statistically viewing figures drop after about 4 or 5 episodes (hey look at that, the same number I said to watch before giving an opinion) because audience member’s have been able to make an informed decision about whether or not they like the show. Yes the second episode is being reviewed and I will be writing it up after the episode airs tonight. If you want to troll then be my guest. Simmons is only half a character, she is nothing without Simmons (check out Quench’s review for more about that). Yes, the show is Marvel, but big companies have a keen eye for a project that loses money. If Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D keeps going as it is it will face the risk of being axed

  • A pilot should do everything to grab an audience and it didn’t work. Are you reviewing the episode tonight? If so I will comment with the exact same opinion. Simmons is one of the strongest characters in the programme, you are a crap viewer if you didn’t care for her fate. And of course the show will be renewed, it is Marvel

  • I admit the plot seems too familiar (as I touched upon in my review) but like I said before, there has only been a single episode so you can’t really judge. Come back with an opinion after 3 or 4 more episodes and then I might accept it. As for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D their characters are far too underdeveloped, they are so hollow and they are midway through the season. Take for example the episode where (SPOILERS!!!) Simmons gets infected with the Chitauri virus, I found I didn’t really care if she lived or died on the basis that the show hadn’t made me, the viewer, care for her character. I hope that after a good mid-season finale that the series does intact improve. Otherwise it might not be renewed

  • The plot felt a little to familiar. As for the characters they are undeveloped. If you look at agents of shield the characters there have a lot of substance and are more enjoyable to watch

  • As for your comment regarding the episode … you need to keep in mind that this was a pilot episode. Not a lot can happen in a single episode when they need to establish the core characters, the plot and the feel of the programme. To be fair they did a good job, there were a few hiccups and dry patches but it was good. Just give it time, you need to watch at least 4 or 5 episode before you can make a valid judgement

  • Thank you! I am aiming to keep this new feature as up to date as possible. After tonight’s episode of The Tomorrow People keep your eyes peeled here at Quench for the review of that latest episode

  • Interesting way of reviewing tv series. Hopefully this will be kept up to date. As for the series the first episode was poor, lacked grit and isn’t a lot there to keep me interested. Either way, keep up the good work guys!