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Becky Johnson looks at the trailer for the new Stephen King adaptation Carrie.

After 39 years, our screens are finally to be graced with the remake of Carrie, the film that put its leading lady, Sissy Spacek, and novelist Stephen King on the map. Carrie tells the story of a quiet, young girl who suffers at the hands of the school bullies, only to discover that she possesses telekinetic powers, which she unleashes in the infamous ‘school prom’ scene.

Director Kimberly Peirce, best known for her work on Boys Don’t Cry and Stop Loss has coined the remake a ‘re-imagining’ of the classic story, with 15-year-old Chloë Grace Moretz taking Spacek’s place in her first major lead role, Julianne Moore playing the part of Carrie’s overbearing mother and Judy Greer as her concerned teacher.

The short teaser trailer opens with a wide panning shot of a blazing town, before slowly closing in on a blood-stained girl; its enough to show us that the filmmakers have undoubtedly taken the film to new cinematic heights and that it looks set to be among some of the more visually ambitious of horror films; my tip,  however, would be to give this one a miss if the sight of blood makes you queasy…



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