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UNI: Movies vs. Reality

It is common knowledge that film producers never stick to reality when they make a new film. But why does Hollywood embellish stereotypes concerning university life? 

College films are riddled with clichés which, unfortunately, would just never happen. For those who have never been to university, it looks like a place full of stereotypes, parties and a lack of lectures.

Take Legally Blonde, for example; no-one can deny that this little chick flick is hilarious, but it is littered with little white lies. Firstly, she carries a little Chihuahua around with her; it is pretty well known that you cannot keep a pet in student housing, no matter how cute. Secondly, no student that I know would judge someone for turning up to a lecture with a little notepad and a pink fluffy pen. By the end of the year, people will be turning up with menus to write on because they can’t be bothered to buy paper, so using a little notebook for lecture notes isn’t out of the ordinary. Law students, don’t be downheartened that you don’t get to work on a murder case during your time at uni; you are only an undergraduate!

Also, don’t believe that you will create a billion-dollar company à la Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network) during your three years at Cardiff. This is as absurd as being set to work on a murder trial, although we all know this actually happened. I’m pretty sure that there are no exclusive, high-brow societies in Cardiff: but then again I haven’t been invited into one, so how would I know?

These ‘college films’ also seem to think that everyone in university, apart from your select group of friends, are judgmental and out to get you, and from my experience that isn’t the case. No-one takes much interest in your dress sense, or your home life. The brilliance of being around so many people in university is that you finally recognise that what you see isn’t always what you get. Therefore, do not under any circumstances estrange yourself from your mother because she is of a working class background, like James McAvoy in Starter for 10, because, in all honesty, nobody blinks an eyelid anyway. Be open-minded about meeting new people, even if you are in your third year, because those people you once snubbed could be your boss later in life, or even your best friend.

And lastly, do not think that a house party at your friends’ is going to be like those in American Pie 2. I haven’t seen any people dangling by bed sheets out of their windows while wandering Cathays, and I doubt that anyone would be very likely to find people in their wardrobe!

Therefore, we can round up that, for a hangover filled day, these films are perfect, but they are not to be taken too seriously!

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