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Hangover food in Cardiff
Find the best place to dine in Cardiff
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Different occasions and different company often determine where you end up going to eat and with the vast amount of eateries in Cardiff, it can be hard to filter through the copious amounts of Italian chain restaurants and take your friends/family/housemates to the perfect restaurant. Here at Quench we are all about helping you out so here is our guide to the restaurants suited to specific occasions.

Where to take the parents – Café Citta

If you are starting your university experience in Cardiff this year, welcome! First, you must tackle Freshers’ fortnight.  Your days will consist of Disney films, onesies, oven pizza, and relentless rain.  During the first few nights, you’ll probably cross every one of the self-imposed boundaries you arrived with, make friends whose names you won’t remember and it will still be raining.

Fourteen days later, if you haven’t succumbed to defeat and fled home, there’s a good chance the parents will call and arrange their first visit to your new adopted city. With Live Lounge out of the question, finding entertainment for the evening could be seen as a challenging task.  As your loan will feel somewhat depleted by then, you can (hopefully) rely on the folks to fund the evening.  This will allow you to look a little further afield than horsemeat ready meals from the freezer or the Woodville Pub for Friday night’s supper.

Café Citta, hidden away on Church Street, is the perfect place for the parents to treat their favourite child to a meal out. With a chic menu comprised of authentic Italian dishes, Café Citta has the upper hand on all of its chain competitors.   The wood fired oven gives Café Citta’s pizzas a smoky aroma, and they’re a steal, with main dishes averaging around £10.  Other dishes are created with just as much passion and care,  Gamberoni Saltati, a bowl of king prawns in a chili, garlic and red wine sauce, is exquisite in its simplicity.

While the rustic décor and friendly staff are likely to avert the parents’ gaze from the bags under your eyes, Café Citta is more than a distraction.  Escape the rain for a few hours, indulge in wonderful home cooked food and enjoy an evening in Cardiff’s little Italy.

– Tom Reeder

Pizza restaurant in Cardiff
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Where to go with housemates – Daquiris 

The first few weeks of the new semester will quickly merge in to a drunken blur of ring of fire, rainy days in bed and take away boxes filling your tiny student room. So when you surface into a sober reality as your first assignment is due in and it’s all getting a bit too real, alcohol for once won’t be the answer. If you’re after a bit of down time with friends which doesn’t involve heavy drinking, why not gather up the house mates and go for some fantastic food at Daiquiri’s?
The Mexican eatery is one of the highlights of Salisbury Road, Cathays very own High Street, offering a range of authentic South American dishes at bargain student prices. Daquiri’s is definitely the place to visit when your shrinking bank balance hasn’t quite stretched as far as Tesco’s. With epic portion sizes of tasty grub, you’re sure to be pleasantly full for the next few days. The massive paella is particularly delicious with succulent prawns, juicy chicken and a good dollop of sour cream to cool the Mexican spices. The colossal plates of sharing nachos are also not just tasty but a great dish to get to know your new housemates over. A warm and friendly atmosphere makes Daiquiri’s the perfect destination for a long catch-up or gathering with a large group of friends, you can even indulge in a couple cheeky cocktails if you’re student ethics can’t resist.

– Kathryn Lewis

Enchiladas at Mexican restaurant
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Where to go on a first date – The Pancake House 

The big day has come – you’re taking that special someone you’ve had a crush on for as long as you can remember on a first date. As exciting as it is, the dilemma of choosing the ideal romantic location can be pretty daunting, but don’t worry, we’ve got a great venue for you to try.

The Pancake House, popularly named the ‘Best Pancake Place in Cardiff’ by many visitors, is a small and cosy cafe located right in the heart of the Brewery quarter in Cardiff. Easy on your pocket and totally delicious, it offers a huge variety of savoury and sweet pancakes, with prices ranging from £4.25 to £5.50. A must-try is undoubtedly the signature caramel, banana and biscuits pancake, served with a scoop of ice cream of your choice the dish is simply mouth-watering.

What’s more there is a new selection of milkshakes each day which you can pick from: your decision lies between original vanilla, banana and strawberry and other refreshing flavours such as rose, peanut butter and cookies &cream. The milkshake range makes the Pancake House the place to be on a sunny day in Cardiff. You definitely won’t be disappointed and are sure to find something to curb your sweet tooth and appetite. Hot drinks such as comforting hot chocolates and quirky coffees aren’t in shortage either and arguably come at one of the most affordable prices in Cardiff.

Overall, the Pancake House is definitely the place to be on your first date as it’s affordable, cosy, cute and delicious. Enjoy your visit & best of luck!

– Anastasia Bonbon

Pancakes at restaurant in Cardiff
Credits: Elana’s Pantry, Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Where to go on a hangover – Café 37 

Amidst the grubby but lovable streets of Cathays you can find a haven of milkshakes, pancakes and fry ups. This haven is Café 37. Existing as somewhat of a landmark in Cathays, Café 37 provides countless students with that fatty, sweet goodness that they crave after one too many Zwack bombs. With student friendly prices and portions more than adequate for the food demanding beings among us, Café 37 really is the perfect alternative to lying in bed all day crying out for sympathy. The choice is vast, with a variety of cooked breakfast options to choose from including the regular sausage, beans, bacon, egg etc. as well as hash browns, fried bread and the often dismissed black pudding. The option to build your own breakfast is also great, allowing you to truly go all out on your hangover cravings. If the fry up breakfast hasn’t quite lured you out of your hungover state, then one of the chocolate bar milkshakes is likely to help you out. With a wide range of flavours to choose from and filled with ice-creamy, sweet goodness, the milkshakes are a must. If it is one of those hangovers where you crave food yet cannot quite manage it when it gets to the table, then the café will let you take it home in a doggy bag. Within walking distance from university campus, the students living in Cathays  and the first years who need some food rejuvenation before lectures, Café 37 is the perfect student café as well as the perfect hangover cure.

– Emma Giles

Hangover food in Cardiff
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