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Freshers’ Food Guide to Cardiff – Round Two

Cardiff’s Caffeine

By Georgie Bolwell

Coffee is a student staple. Whether it’s a pick-me-up before a 9am lecture, or a reprieve from the rainy weather on an Autumn afternoon, everyone has their favourite cup. So why not check out these little coffee shops around Cardiff and find your ultimate?

Costa, SU – First and foremost, a popular choice for students is the Costa next to the Student’s Union and opposite the Main building. Nice and easy if you know what you want and you’re looking for something familiar.

Hoffi Coffi – Hoffi Coffi is a little coffee shop right next to the John Percival building and the ASSL. A regular haunt of most Humanities students, Hoffi Coffi is a cute little place for your early morning fix. (Image credit:

Barkers – If you’re out and about in town though, and you’re looking for a little bit more than just a to-go coffee on your way to lectures, try Barkers. They have a coffee shop, a tearoom, and now a Waffle House as well, all located in the various arcades in the city centre. It’s a gorgeous little place to go and get a delicious cup of coffee, and they do boast the best hot chocolate in Cardiff.

Sorrento’s – Finally, if your halls are further towards Roath, you can also visit Sorrento’s. Not only is their coffee fantastic, they do wonderful food as well. Located on Salisbury Road, it’s great place for a quiet chat. (Image credit:

English Lit Society Coffee Mornings – If you’re at all unsure about which one of these to try, or if you want some more suggestions for a great place to have a cup of coffee, check out the English Literature Society Coffee Crawl. Like a Bar Crawl, but with coffee! It’s bound to be a good laugh, and a great way to meet some more people.

Coolest Cocktails

By Emily Turner

Settling into university life, or returning to it, tends to be marked with drinking. So when you’re after something slightly more civilised than Jager bombs or with more oomph than coffee, cocktails are calling your name. Luckily, Cardiff’s coolest cocktails are easy to track down.

Lab 22 – Lab 22 is undoubtedly one of the best cocktail bars in Cardiff. Boasting a VIP feel created by the small yet in-demand space, it may be a surprise to hear that the up-market bar lives above Greggs on Chippy Lane. With its plethora of spirits on show behind the bar and the talented team of mixologists, even if you don’t fancy any of the cocktails on the menu, talk to the staff and they’ll make you something that I can guarantee you’ll love. (Image credit:

The Dead Canary – The Dead Canary has undeniably got its own style – the dimmed lighting creates an intimate atmosphere without it feeling too gloomy, whilst the quirky touches like bird cages hanging above the bar and golden gilded mirrors contrast perfectly with the vintage style armchairs and wooden panelled walls to create a rare homely yet eccentric feel – not to mention the amazing (yet maybe a little pricey) cocktails. (Image credit:

Kapu – Offering 2-4-1 cocktails Monday to Friday, Kapu may not be the classiest bar but it definitely ticks the ‘coolest’ box of this segment. With the Hawaiian theme followed through from the interior design, which is full of wicker giving the instant summer beach vibe, to the drink menu screaming tropical ingredients, it feels like you should be wearing a Hula skirt and a reef every time you walk in. The drinks are delicious and the vibe is fun – what more could you ask for?