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Quench Food Evening: Svago

Quench Food Evening: Svago

Quench Food Evening: Svago

A table littered with food snobs, bargain hunting penny-counters and simply greedy students; what else would you expect from the first quench Food Evening? On a drizzly evening in October, Quench initiated its monthly celebration of student-friendly restaurants in Cardiff with an evening full of rich food, tipsy cocktails and excellent company (if we say so ourselves) at Svago restaurant on Crwys Road.

A new addition to the magazine this year, the Quench Food Evening concept is simple; take a bunch of hungry students to a restaurant, sample the food, service and ambience, then produce a realistic evaluation of the evening with a range of contributor reviews. It’s all well and good reading someone’s criticism of a flavour lacking soup or over crisp bacon, but in reality every  individual possess their own preferences and palates. Therefore with a spectrum of praise and annoyances, expressed through multiple opinions, Quench is here to give you a genuine insight into some of Cardiff’s independent eateries.

Svago definitely put on a show as the first venue. Beautiful floral paintings line the wall of the large restaurant, so striking that they were a hot topic of conversation as everyone arrived. The 25 strong Quench team were given an intimate corner of the restaurant, the perfect area to socialise and chat about all things foodie. The Svago staff quickly pointed out the cocktail deals, so the evening commenced with a cheeky daiquiri (or two).

With an intriguing menu littered with classic pasta dishes, tempting pizzas and standout steaks, team Quench were presented with an exciting array of dishes to taste and review. The service was pretty damn quick, considering the amount of hungry students waiting to be fed, and not a single plate hadn’t been well and truly devoured come the end of the evening.  But don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of the attendees thought of their Svago experience…

Quench Food Evening: Svago
Credits: Rhian Carruthers

First appearances have come to mean so little when eating out, simply because the food is often so different to the atmosphere which has been set. Fortunately, Svago did not disappoint in either aspect. 

Although Crwys Road is hardly the most aesthetically pleasing street, we had high expectations for the restaurant due to its contemporary exterior appearance. The stylish interior of the restaurant was even better, raising our expectations even higher.  Thankfully the food and drink matched the sophisticated decor, with the overall experience being made even better by the friendly and welcoming staff.

The only downside was that the 2 for 1 cocktail offer finished prematurely, but that’s purely to serve my own cheap and selfish ways! I would definitely recommend Svago, with good food and 10% student discount you can’t really go wrong!

Amandeep Turna


With a friendly selection of staff, attractive dining area and brilliant cocktails, Svago had more to offer than just food. The prices were very reasonable with most dishes priced around £10 or under, not forgetting a 10% student discount. In hindsight, I would have ordered the pizza which looked divine and was without criticism. If you do venture out and choose the steak, like myself, I would advise that you order a starter as well.

The meat was cooked beautifully but the portion was too small, especially considering it was one of the more expensive dishes on the menu. The accompanying four individual potato wedges and overcooked vegetables were also a slight disappointment. The service, on the other hand, was impressively efficient and altogether it was a great evening. I will definitely be coming back to Svago, if not for their 2 for 1 cocktails then to try the pizza!

Tessa Wright

Quench Food Evening: Svago
Credits: Rhian Carruthers

Svago, Svago, Svago! My visit to this restaurant was FAB! Not proud to admit, but I have walked past this place several times and never even set foot inside… what a shame, as it was excellent! I ordered a steak, which to my surprise arrived after a short time, considering it was quite busy. It was cooked exactly how I asked and the sauce that accompanied it was gorgeous. The cocktails were fun, alcoholic and cheap (my favourite combination) being two for £6 between 5.30-7.30pm. AND, to top it off, they do 10% discount to students. Win. Definitely will be going back! ​

Sophie Hickles


Located amongst various other independent cafes and restaurants that lie together on Crwys Road, Svago stands out opposite Malefant street with an electric ‘is this a bar or is it a restaurant’ – type feel, probably due to its neon sign that hangs above the door. On entrance you’re welcomed into a gentle restaurant atmosphere with attentive waiting staff and the smell of delicious food. Looking around, the tables are occupied mostly with loved-up couples and small groups of students. An impressive range of popular cocktails such as daquiris and mojitos means that many on our table are quick to the bar, returning with various glasses of different shapes and sizes. The cocktails are tasteful and not too sweet, not bad for £3 each.

The menu contains an array of different Italian dishes, ranging from the typical Margarita to Rib eye steak, and lasagna to risotto, with prices ranging from £7 – £14. Service is quick which is impressive with such a large party (over 20 people) and the generous portions of food are greeted with hungry eyes. The homemade pizzas appear on large rustic wooden boards and the pasta dishes arrive piled high but there is not one plate that isn’t empty by the end of it.  I recommend the ‘taglioni svago’, taglioni with fresh crabmeat and a citrusy lemon sauce, however the pizzas also appeared very impressive and a good option. The staff are attentive and quick to ensure that everything is alright with our meals and an enjoyable night was had by all.

Imogen Byers

Quench Food Evening Svago
Credits: Rhian Carruthers