Album Review: The Getaway Plan – ‘Lovesick’


If you’re looking for a cross between everything you once found on MySpace and the Camp Rock soundtrack, then Australian ‘alt-rockers’ The Getaway Plan are your guys. Self-produced EP ‘Lovesick’ goes from almost catchy to downright depressing as it burns through its four painfully samey tracks.
Whilst the riffs in title track ‘Lovesick’ could be the making of something more, TGP’s whiney teen-angst lyrics (‘I cannot forgive the things you put me through alone’ from ‘Flying Colours’ is not even the worst…) are far too reminiscent of my 13 year-old self to inspire any further thoughts. By the time the EP has reached its final song, differentiating between each track becomes a task greater than convincing your grandma that Miley Cyrus is a good role-model. In a nutshell, there’s ringtones on the Nokia 3310 better than this collection of tunes.

Charlie Mock

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