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We are now recruiting for a new team of Quench editors to take over next year!


For next year’s Quench, we’re recruiting editors across all sections (including our revamped Film and Television section), a new columnist, and an online editor.

For an overview of what all of our print media editor roles involve, please follow this  link:http://tinyurl.com/EditorRole

You can apply to as many positions as you like, across both Quench and gair rhydd (see gair rhydd applications here), but please send separate applications for each individual role.

Send your applications or any questions you have to applications@gairrhydd.com 


(For details about how to apply to be a Columnist or Online Editor, please see the bottom of the page)

All sections (Features, Fashion, Travel, Culture, Photography, Music, LGBT+, Film & TV, Food & Drink and Video Games) are recruiting now.

To apply to be a section editor, please answer the following questions and return them toapplications@gairrhydd.com


To apply, please complete these four stages:


– Tell us about yourself and why you think you would make a good editor for the section you are applying to.

(200 words or less)

– What are the section’s strengths and weaknesses?

(250 words or less)

– Please provide an example of your own writing. It does not have to have been published in the past, and if it has been, its place of publication does not matter. Show us your best work!

– Below are two pieces, one a feature and one a review. PICK ONE and edit it in a manner that you think is suitable for it to be published in Quench.


Email your responses to applications@gairrhydd.com and include the section you are applying for in the subject title. Remember to include your name and a contact number in the email.



Feature to edit:

One night stands – don’t stand on you’re pride:

When I started uni I knew that I would never do any one night stands. Saying that, I have visited my friends at uni last year, (when I was doing my gap year which they didn’t take), and despite that they said ‘no’ to the notion of one nighters before uni, most of them had had one by about Christmas – at least, the ones who werent in relationships. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 1 and a bit years aprox years so I feel I am in a strong position to talk about these type of issues; but whether or not I would have a one night stand if I wasn’t in a relationship that is another question! Whenever you sleep with someone, particularly if you are drunk and even more prominently if you are a girl – you put yourself in a vulnerable position. It would be a dyer situation for anybody to be pregnant as a student but if it was with someone you hardly knew then the support he could offer you would be far from diffident. Like, you wouldn’t be able to know if he could support you, or even if he would answer his phone if you rang him. Me and my boyfriend, despite being in a less than ideal position to have a baby would at least be able to deal with it together in the unlikely circumstance of pregnancy.
Obviously this wouldn’t be an issue for most people that had a brain cell; use a comdom haha. And as long as you don’t have sex every night then you wont get chastised for being a slag which is something you want to avoid if you want to make any friends. To be honest, I think that less than five one nightstands in the first term of University, is acceptable, right! I mean, if your single then why is there anything wrong with wanting to mingle? …


Review to edit:


Safe Haven Review, 1/5

Safe Haven in the lastest cinema adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel. After previous adaptations such as Dear John, The Lucky One and The notebook sold well at the box office it is no surprise that Hollywood decided to snap up Sparks’s latest novel quicker than its publisher.

Starring heartthrob Josh Duhmal (Transformers) and dancer turned actress Julie-Anne Hough (Rock of Ages) the casting on paper, has potential. Unfortunately the actors do not bring the life to this dull romance, Hough is not really up to the part and Duhamel isn’t much better. The plot alone seems to lack substance and thus is unaided by the ‘acting’ of the lead stars.

The story follows a young woman (Hough) who is on the run from her mysterious past and stops for a breather in a small North Carolina town. She soon forms a relationship with an attractive widower (Duhamel) and is forced to confront the dark secret that haunts her. With a ridiculously obvious ending, this film does not stray from the usual Sparks plot of man meets woman, someone dies and they live happily ever after. Nothing really happens for long stretches of the film, and there is a blindingly similar scene to ‘the Notebook’ involving a boat ride, a lot of birds and heavy rain.

Despite this similarity the film is however different to the aforementioned previous Sparks adaptations, in the sense that it is supposedly a ‘thriller’ it is undeniable that this film has some creepy elements in it and granted, the creepy elements aren’t as creepy as those in the popular ‘Twilight’ series, but they are creepy enough to upset the whole mood. The film struggles between being a rom-com and a wannabe thriller, and despite it being set in a very pretty location, the scenery is not enough to salvage this dire attempt. If I were you I would save the £7 for the cinema ticket and spend it on something more engaging – like a newspaper.





Are you interested in writing a column for Quench? Do you believe you can bring a fresh perspective the magazine? We’re looking for a strong writer to take over as this year’s columnist.

To apply, please complete the following two things:

–       Write 200 words about yourself, and why you would make a good columnist.

–       Provide an example of a column (between 500-800 words) that you think would be suitable for Quench.

Feel free to also include links to any blogs you have written or any examples of previous work.

Please send your responses in an email with COLUMNIST in the subject title to applications@gairrhydd.com



Cardiff Student Media are recruiting online editors to make sure that magazine content appears on our websites and to boost our social media presence. You will be invited to all Quench editors meetings and will work with the editors in communicating magazine content to the student body as a whole. This role is absolutely essential, and we very much look forward to speaking to applicants.

Please email applications@gairrhydd.com with ONLINE EDITOR in the subject title and we will arrange an informal chat about what the role will entail.


Thank you, and all the best!

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