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Cardiff Student Elections 2017

It’s election week here at Cardiff Students’ Union and we’ve grilled every candidate so that you can get a better picture of who’s in the running to represent you next year. Below are podcasts which feature interviews with each candidate running for each post. You’re able to vote every day this week up until 5 PM on Friday the 24th online or by visiting a polling booth in the Students’ Union.

Know the Facts

Be sure to check out what each candidate’s ideas and principles are either online in the 2017 Manifesto Booklet or by picking up a copy of Gair Rhydd.

Students’ Union President

VP Education

VP Heath Park Campus

VP Postgraduate Studies

VP Societies

VP Sports and AU President

VP Welfare

Black and Ethnic Minorities Officer

International Students’ Officer

Mental Health Officer

Students with Disabilities Officer

Make your Choice

Now that you’ve heard from each candidate, it’s time to vote. Head over to the Students’ Union website or stop at a polling booth anytime up until 5 PM on the 24th of February to cast your vote. Every student at Cardiff University can vote so make your voice heard and ensure that your Students’ Union is run the way you want it to be.

Interviews conducted by: Ella West, Ryan Beckerleg, Michael Ash and Jack Rowlands.


Voting for this year’s Students’ Union elections has now closed. To view the full list of successful candidates, head over to the Students’ Union website.

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