The Clinic: Midterm Blues

This week on The Clinic, Michael and Steph talked about their experiences with midterm blues and how to navigate the swamp of deadlines, letting agents, student finance issues, freshers flu and housemates from hell!

Here are 10 top tips on getting past this hump in the term and making it through to Christmas!

1. Stay organised! Plan to have your work done a week before the deadlines, or failing that keep a dairy so at least you know when your deadlines are coming up.

2. Get plenty of sleep! Make time for sleep, even if you’re super busy! It will be your strongest weapon to fight off freshers flu, and keep your brain energised.

3. Don’t rush into a new house, look at all your housing options thoroughly, talk to your parents about what your budget for a house is and work out how you will manage bills.

4. Get to know your future housemates well before agreeing to live with them: As easy as it is to decide to live with your first year flat mates, explore your options and decide if their annoying habits are something you can live with for another year!

5. Budget yourself. This time of year, everyone’s student finance begins to run a little low! There are plenty of apps out there to help you manage your spending, or just writing down what your spending in a diary will help you keep track on where your money is going.

6. When looking around houses, make sure you get a good look. Things like phone signal, how cold the house is, whether boiler is making funny or if the shower is clean are important to look at when investigating which house is for you.

7. Ask around about letting agents. Look at reviews online and on Facebook about different letting agents. There are plenty around in Cardiff so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Students are usually which letting agents ripped them off, so don’t be afraid to ask! Also when looking around houses, if you can, ask the people currently living there what they think of the house and the landlord.

8. DRINK WATER! Not only will this help your hangovers, but it is also great brain food and keeps you awake! It helps concentration, and boosts your immune system so will help tackle that pesky freshers flu.

9. Make meetings with your personal tutor. If you are having any issues with your course or even are just struggling to keep on top of your deadlines, don’t be afraid to talk to them! They are there to help you with anything you are finding hard at uni.

10. Look out for your friends. If you think someone may be struggling, be that with homesickness, workload, mental health or anything there is a lot you can help!! Just being a good friend, cooking them the occasional meal when they are busy or making yourself available when they need a talk. There is a lot we can do to help each other when away from our families.

“Ladies, We Need To Talk”

Gemma and Steph talked about the pressures girls face on nights out at Uni.

Freshers is often the first time that many girls go clubbing, and the first time they experience men giving them unwanted sexual attention. Our advice is to be there for each other – if you see a girl who is in a situation she doesn’t want to be in, go up and talk to her. If she needs to be removed from the situation, you can suggest going to the toilet together or maybe going to get a drink. When away from the guy, you can then ask her if she is okay and what she wants to do next.

The girls also talked about the pressures girls face to lose their virginity in first year, and how many girls feel they need to in order to fit in with their housemates. Don’t rush into anything you feel uncomfortable about, or think you will regret in the future! If your housemates are your true friends, they will accept you for who you are and include you in things whether you like to get with guys on nights out or not!

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We heard from George about his experience as a homesick Master’s student.
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