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What is ‘Open House’?

Open House is a show Xpress radio produces for Radio Cardiff every with the hope of helping and building the RAS (Refugees and Asylum seekers) community within Cardiff. We work very closely with the charity ‘Oasis’ to gather pre-recorded content from members of the RAS community and use this as the base of the show when we present it live on Radio Cardiff.


When is ‘Open House’?

Xpress present ‘Open House’ 13:30-15:00 every Monday live from the Radio Cardiff Studio and we gather the pre-recorded content throughout the week prior.


What do you do on ‘Open House’?

The show consists of three main segments:


  1. Cardiff Through My Eyes – This is the segment of the show where an RAS can reflect on their life in Cardiff and what it is like for them living within the Cardiff community. It’s a great segment of the show because it allows this person to talk about the positives of their life now rather than the difficulties they have faced in the past.
  2.  Charts from Home – This is a round-up of chart hits/popular music from an RAS’ country of origin. Here we have an interview from a member of the RAS community talking about their favourite music from home and we then play a couple of these tracks on the show.
  3. Interview of the week – This section differs from week to week, depending on who the interview is with. It could be a personal story from an RAS, someone discussing RAS support and the services offered or an academic/politician/journalist discussing a topic that would be of interest to RAS communities.


Along with the three main segments we also discuss the support services and events that are on offer for the RAS community in Cardiff.


How can I get involved?

To get involved with the show join the Facebook group (Xpress Radio – Open House on Radio Cardiff), here we post about the interview opportunities we have on offer for the upcoming show. We will be asking for people to go out to these RAS communities and charities to record interviews, stories or anything else you think would work well on the show. We then need two people to go and present live and play the pre-recorded content at Radio Cardiff on Monday’s 13:30-15:00.


If you’d rather work behind the scene’s we also have opportunities to help create with show branding, station sound and background research. There are plenty of ways to get involved and it’s a really great opportunity to produce a professional journalistic programme on a community Radio Station.

Click here to see the Radio Cardiff website!

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