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Album Review: ‘Weird!’ by Yungblud

Image via Edge Publicity
Words by Joshua Allen

Emo pop-rocker Yungblud is back with his new album ‘Weird!’. Having gone through delays due to the pandemic, the 13-track album finally released on December 4th, bringing some light to the end of 2020. ‘Weird!’ shows a clear progression from Yungblud’s last LP ‘21st Century Liability’, shedding off some of the feisty angst and angriness from the last album, and instead moving towards a more emotional and calmer sound. This is driven by the more frequent use of acoustic guitars and isolated drum tracks in songs like love song and it’s quiet in beverly hills which give the album a mellow and melancholic feel. This doesn’t mean that all of that anger and angst has completely disappeared however, as both strawberry lipstick and superdeadfriends provide the chaotic rock-and-roll energy that we have come to expect from the young star, while the titular track I provides a poppy evaluation on the current climate of society. This variation of genre and style on the album is a true testament to what Yungblud has to offer and proves that he is truly deserving of the centre-stage position in this new wave of young alternative artists who are pushing the boundaries and limits that have previously boxed in artists.

What has not changed for Yungblud is his candidness when discussing extremely sensitive subjects and the open-minded nature of his lyrics; cotton candy is a song all about having an incredibly liberated sex life, whilst mars is about a young trans girl that Yungblud met who was struggling to be accepted. The theme of drugs and drug usage, both legal and recreational, still perseveres throughout some of the tracks as we have previously seen throughout Yungblud’s discography. This open-armed approach to such difficult subjects is why Yungblud is so adored by his fans, who name themselves the Black Heart Club, and just like his music, Yungblud assures people not to feel stuck in a box. This reassurance and the acceptance that Yungblud offers is why so many people find solace and comfort in both the lyrics of the songs and the family-esque nature of his fan-base.

Overall, ‘Weird!’ is an excellent album, although the diverse genres and messy style could be interpreted as lacking cohesion. But to me, that is exactly the point, ‘Weird!’ and Yungblud is all about not caring about what anybody thinks, just be yourself and someone will love you for you. It is not hard to see why Dave Grohl recently dubbed Yungblud as an “unstoppable force” and the reason why “Rock and Roll isn’t dead”, and now with this latest release, Yungblud’s domination is unlikely to stop anytime soon.

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