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Review: Pale Waves – My Mind Makes Noises

By Isabel Cosford


NME’s ‘Under the Radar’ winners Pale Waves are releasing their brand new album My Mind Makes Noises on September 14th, which is anticipated to ripple through the charts next month. If you haven’t already heard of them, Pale Waves are a mix between Swedish pop duo Icona Pop with The 1975 who also look a bit like a gothic rock group. The four-man band is made of lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie, Ciara Doran, guitarist Hugo Silvani and Charlie Wood on bass.

Their debut album All The Things I Never Said was released earlier this year and set them up for a whirlwind of upcoming appearances, including landing a set at Reading and Leeds festival and their very own UK tour starting in late September. Lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie revealed to NME, when discussing their previous album in February, that drummer Ciara Doran wanted their music to make fans ‘cry and dance’, which also applies to their second album release My Mind Make Noises.

Pale Waves perfectly create a blend of melancholic lyrics with a strong desperation of nostalgia and personal experience in their own unique pop-punk genre. From the exciting, upbeat track ‘Eighteen’ that starts off the album to the beautifully written acoustic track ‘Karl (I Wonder What It’s Like to Die)’ the group certainly leave you crying as well as dancing.

Heather Baron-Gracie’s gothic appearance does perhaps juxtapose with their catchy pop-style choruses found in My Mind Makes Noises. She seems to subtly mimic Harley Quinn’s iconic look in their most recent music video ‘Noises’, with her black hair in two bunches accompanied by two harsh smudges of red and blue makeup around the eyes. The video’s repetitively disturbing video montage against the pop-rock tone of the track does, however, endorse their unique heavy-metal image in the pop world of music.

However, despite having a contradictory fresh image, the bizarre band can also be seen to follow in The 1975’s footsteps. Matt Healey’s 1975 also originate from Pale Wave’s hometown of Manchester, alongside his participation in directing their recent music video ‘Television Romance’ in which the location runs fairly parallel to the all-male band’s ‘Sex’ video. Though Pale Waves seem to just about tear away from the shadow of The 1975 and into a new light as they indulge themselves further into the pop genre as opposed to Matt Healey’s more-rock-than-pop tracks.

My Mind Makes Noises explores the highs and lows of reliving their teenage years in a way that radiates sorrow and sadness with a hint of excitement. The thriving four-man band will hopefully play their way into the charts next month with their brand-new album, which will no doubt have their Manchester competitor fighting for space within the pop-rock genre.