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Before It Rains

A review of the latest offering from Sherman Cymru, Katherine Candler’s emotive, beautifully told Before It Rains.

Written by Cardiff based writer Katherine Candler and co-produced with Bristol Old Vic, Before It Rains is an example of Sherman Cymru’s commitment to developing the talent of Welsh and Wales-based writers.

If you have never been to Sherman Cymru you are missing out, the intimate setting makes for an intense performance and being right on your doorstop you have no excuse not to pay a visit. Set on an isolated, hard-bitten Cardiff estate Before It Rains, tells the story of single mum Gloria who sinks into a deckchair knocking back vodka, whilst her gentle son Michael tends to the allotment and desperately tries to sustain order. In the shadows lurks Carl an unpredictable, wild teenage from a troubled home, watching curiously both mother and son. The play deals with some hard-hitting themes, as Candler stages the struggles of parenthood and protection, as well as expressing humanity’s need for companionship and the explosive consequences if either is threatened.

On entering the theatre the stage was dimly lit creating an eerie atmosphere that sparked curiosity and intrigue amongst the audience. The earthy smells and visuals create a sensuous backdrop for the funny and beautifully told tale, exploring how different individuals develop ways of coping with society’s harsh realities. The cast made up of Craig Gazey, Lisa Palfrey and Harry Ferrier; help create a dark and emotive drama through the intertwinement of humour with serious issues.

Despite the small cast and modest scenery, through the manipulation of lighting along with faultless acting the resulting production is deeply effective and thought provoking.

A truly breathtaking play that takes you on a roller-coaster of emotions, making the more powerful underlying messages of the plot more palatable through the use of humour, a must-see for a taste of the talent Sherman Cymru consistently strives to showcase.

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