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This year’s dose of I’m A Celeb is in full swing and Rachel Moloney discusses the political fury it has sparked

If you see me out and about on Sunday night, then something’s up. There’s only one place I’m going to be at that time and that’s on my sofa, with my house-mates, watching Homeland. It’s a social occasion.

[pullquote]There’s only one place I’m going to be at that time and that’s on my sofa, with my house-mates, watching Homeland.[/pullquote]

For those of you who don’t know how brilliant the show is, here’s a brief taster. CIA lady Carrie (played by Claire Danes) thinks that Sergeant Brody (Damien Lewis) is a terrorist. But he’s just returned from 8 years captivity in Iraq so he’s a bit pissed off. Meanwhile everyone in the CIA start to think Carrie’s crazy and her words go unnoticed. Whose side is he really on? Who knows.

Homeland recently won six Emmys, including awards for the two leads. However the programme has also got into a spot of bother with none other than the Lebanese authorities. The country’s Minister for Tourism has complained that the capital city of Beirut is portrayed as being seedy, dirty and slightly dodgy, when in fact it is actually quite up-market, trendy and fashionable. He says that instead of filming terrorists and gunmen racing through the streets, the filmmakers should have showcased Skybar, one of the most elite nightclubs in the city. Turning Beirut into Chelsea then.

I must admit, it’s not exactly one of the first places I’d choose to visit but The New York Times voted it as the Must-See destination of 2009. Give me Australia any day. That’s exactly what Nadine Dorries must have thought when she agreed to take part in I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here! The Conservative MP has swapped the pressure of politics for the swampy Aussie outback and has unsurprisingly been voted to face the horrors of a Bushtucker trial. Nothing’s more hilarious than watching an MP digging into a camel toe and being buried alive with lots of beetles.

In fact, most of the votes are probably coming from her Bedfordshire constituents, those in Downing Street and the entire Conservative party. She’s irritated them all by not telling them of her plans for TV domination and she’s promptly been suspended from the party for the entirety of her jungle stay. In her defense  Nadine claims she did tell her superiors that she was going away. Maybe her Hotmail wasn’t working. Technology sucks sometimes.

Political infuriation with Nadine and Homeland are just two examples of people getting into trouble with ‘The System.’ It seems to be happening a lot these days. Across the Tasman Sea from the I’m a Celebrity non-celebs, the company responsible for Lord of the Rings are preparing to sue a smaller cooperation for stealing their thunder. Asylum are due to release the DVD of Age of the Hobbits on 11th December, just two days before The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, but I don’t think Peter Jackson need worry. After nine years of having nothing to look forward to at Christmas, I literally cannot wait for my Tolkien fix of dragons and dwarves. Those mythical creatures are far more interesting than the real-life Homo Floresiensis men of Age of the Hobbits.

But there’s no denying that the timing of this ‘mockbuster’ is peculiar and Warner Bros. are trying as hard as they might to stamp out the competition. Not that any of their other productions have been anything other than a massive flop. I mean who’s heard of Transmorphers or The Da Vinci Treasure? No one. So calm down.

Someone else who needs to take a chill pill is Lynn Tesoro. Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to have heard of her. As PR executive to fashion designer Zac Posen , Tesoro was told to usher a few people out of a runway show due to overcrowding issues. One of the unfortunates pushed aside was French magazine editor Jennifer Eymere who promptly slapped Tesoro across the face. Now I know people love designer, but please just head over to Selfridges or something.

She’s now getting sued for her violent outburst, but she’s not the only one getting in trouble for a spot of punching. The National Pensioners Convention got into a right frenzy when Robbie Williams admitted on Graham Norton’s show that he’d rather hit an old woman than kick a dog. He commits the terrible deed in the video for the number 1 single ‘Candy’, ironically in time with the line ‘nothing’s sacred.’ It sure isn’t if he’s acting like a hooligan.

It’s not just the grandparents who are boycotting yet another Robbie comeback track, but the young and avid listeners of Radio 1. Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw has (sensibly) decided not to put ‘Candy’ on the programme’s playlist because his listeners are too young and would prefer to listen to One Direction. So basically Robbie’s getting a bit old and we’ll be punching him soon. It’s a vicious circle.

It’s been a hectic week of institutional anger with some accusations receiving far more publicity than others. Country authorities as well as smaller organisations have decided to speak out against what they deem to be unfair, unnecessary and a damn poor work ethic. However, stars continue to go on regardless. As Robbie sang his heart on The X Factor results show a few Sundays back, he really couldn’t have cared less about the waves of criticism hovering in the wings. But I didn’t care either; I was getting ready for Homeland.


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