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Ever wondered about the ever-changing nature of film and TV casts? So has Rachel Moloney.

As Quench welcomes new Freshers to our lovely Welsh city, we must also say a fond farewell to the third years who have just graduated. Trust me, it will come sooner than you think. The inescapable truth is that everything must move on in a process not dissimilar to The Lion King’s ‘Circle of Life’ (although forget the bit about lions becoming the grass and antelopes eating the grass). We do all move on, nothing ever stays the same and the world just keeps on changing.

The same can also be said of the entertainment world. For instance, no-one wants to play Doctor Who forever; even the steady and hefty pay-cheques couldn’t keep David Tennant on board the TARDIS and he’s now widening his repertoire by appearing in Virgin Media ads. Shame on you Tennant.

Ultimately there will also come a day when Matt Smith is fed up of fighting aliens, yet for now this seems a long way off. Instead it’s Karen Gillan who has decided to move on to greener pastures, which is fine by me as I’ve always found her Amy Pond character incredibly irritating. Her story will come to an end in episodes which are due to air this Autumn, as we head towards the inevitable Christmas special. Smith, Gillan, and her replacement Jenna-Louise Coleman have all been spotted filming the new series, with much of the action taking place in and around Cardiff. Photos of a drenched and grumpy Time Lord are a particular highlight; well what else did you expect in Wales?

Another franchise not immune to a bit of regeneration is James Bond. Without the technological wizardry of Doctor Who, 007 constantly reappears on our screens and it doesn’t even matter if he leaves with a beautiful girl as Pierce Brosnan and miraculously returns as Daniel Craig. Seeing him emerge from the sea in his speedos probably put many viewers’ doubts to rest and he will be back to save the world this October with Skyfall, Bond’s 23rd big-screen outing.

[pullquote]Seriously, what is it about telecom ads that so entices actors?[/pullquote]

But Doctor Who and James Bond are the key exceptions to the rule and sometimes the media industry should just let things be. Characters can make such a huge impact that it becomes impossible to imagine life without them. It wasn’t the same when the original My Family left the Harper household, especially their gormless son Nick (Kris Marshall) who has since gone on to advertise BT. Seriously, what is it about telecom ads that so entices actors? And in my personal opinion, it wasn’t the same when I’d got through Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides without sight of Orlando Bloom or Keira Knightley. Take that notion further and you reach the blasphemous idea of the Pirates films without Johnny Depp. Disney wouldn’t dream of it.

The problem is that we often get too attached to something and consequently find it hard to let go. Sometimes it’s easy; I mean how fed up did we all become when Sugababes changed their line-up so much that it became ridiculous? Eventually I lost interest, but now the original members Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan want to reform after 11 years apart. One thing’s for sure, they can hardly call themselves the Sugababes as that name ceased to stand for anything a long time ago.

I think that’s the issue I have with The Bourne Legacy. Its very title implies that we will once again see Matt Damon effortlessly leaping onto high-rise buildings, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. However that’s not what the latest saga is about, as it follows new action-man Aaron Cross whose life has been affected by the events of the first three films. Actor Jeremy Renner (the one in Avengers Assemble who was pretty nifty with a bow and arrow) has a lot to live up to but I feel like the title of the film already puts him at a disadvantage. Although it welcomes back many familiar faces to the tense control rooms of American intelligence, can it really be a Bourne film without Damon?

Only time will tell and if audiences respond well to the re-imagined story, it may become just as successful and enduring as the Bond franchise or Doctor Who series. But for the moment, I feel rather lukewarm about the whole thing and my sentimental streak has most definitely won out. I’m not really a fan of change, but like everyone else in this world, I’ve got to accept that it happens; just as much in the entertainment industry, as it does in everyday life. Enjoy Freshers.


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