Beautiful: The Carole King Musical | Theatre Review

By Neus Forner

★ ★ ★ ★

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical follows the life story of Carole King, an incredibly well-known singer and composer. This musical focuses on the tale of love, success and friendship surrounding Carole King’s life. Full of musical numbers, this show is catchy and upbeat, making it hard not to sing along and dance to many of the songs. 

Regarding the story of the musical, the plot of the show was not as compelling as I thought it would be. In my opinion, it was too simple and predictable. Although the numerous musical numbers made up for the simple plot, it sometimes felt as if the show was just song after song. The story itself did not captivate me and made me feel disconnected from the characters. 

Nevertheless, the actors and actresses were all phenomenal. I especially enjoyed seeing Laura Baldwin as Cynthia Weil. Her presence in stage always up-lifted the mood, and her witty remarks made the audience laugh out loud, not to mention that her singing was also incredible. Daisy Wood-Davis as the Carole King was also amazing. Her shy personality did not in any way make her characterless or weak. She performed every song with the same intensity and emotion, touching the audience’s heart at every number. 

Me being a fashion victim, I pay extreme attention to the costumes. This show takes place over several decades, from the ’40s to the late ’60s. I personally loved the costume evolution that could be appreciated during the show. The long skirts and tucked up skirts showed a more conservative beginning to the story, following up with high vinyl boots, short dresses and flared jeans in the late ’60s. I also have to share the impressive costume changes. Some changes were done onstage and you could barely notice them from casual dress to a full-on party dress in mere seconds, it was impressive. The set, although extremely simple, worked perfectly with the show, creating dimensions and layers, and never distracting the viewer from the acting. 

Overall, the musical was incredibly fun and upbeat. The songs were catchy, and many were well-known. Regardless of the plot being too simple in my opinion, the acting, the singing and the overall atmosphere of the show were phenomenal! Definitely check this musical out if you are looking for something fun and easy-going!