A Farewell to Sun: Rain, Rain, it’s nice to see you again

By Harry Dixon

The sun has hung in the sky for a long while now and its intensity hasn’t waned for the better part of a month. We have internalised the external heat and become closer to the Spaniards, idealistically hoping that the grey clouds will no longer reign in our skies. But, unfortunately these skies will eventually fill with rain again.

This all too glorious Summer will slowly but surely fade. And once it does, Autumn’s damp grip will show on the weather again, wringing the clouds for all they’re worth.

You can’t sunbathe in the rain (and rain-bathing is just less fun) so here are four essential things to keep you out of trouble and entertained when the rain returns:

1. Visit the Cinema: A mightily obvious choice I grant, but in the age of instantaneous streaming and home-viewing a trip to the cinema can act as a sort of pilgrimage. Making the physical journey to the cinema and depriving yourself of all worldly distractions in a big dark room, away from the rain, is one of the finest experiences on offer. And in Cardiff where it costs next to nothing there’s little excuse!

2. Practise your ballroom dancing: Even if you’ve never tried it before, ballroom dancing is a unique art which is suited to shined floors, indoors. Keep fit and look transcendentally elegant whilst doing so.

3. Visit a Museum: Take a trip to the local mecca of culture and history that is the museum! Most cities, even towns, have superb museums with all sorts of idiosyncratic information on offer to stimulate the brain, inside typically cosy stone walls, which are away from the depressing drizzle outside.

4. Build a fort: Become a minor architect within the confines of your very own home by building a fort. Return to the luscious days of childhood and build a hideaway from the gross world outside with the uber-soft makeup of your bed and couch.