Flashdance review: living the 80’s at the New Theatre


by Hannah Marie Stait

06/02/2018, New Theatre

If you have a love for 80’s pop and having a good time, you definitely don’t want to miss the UK tour of Flashdance which is currently sending good feelings around the New Theatre this week!

The 1983 movie was a huge hit in the 80’s and is considered a classic to the old-time movie lovers of today.Its adaption to the stage in 2008 welcomed a new audience that could sit and enjoy the fun-loving tough cookie Alex Owens as she struggles with new love, chasing her dreams and traveling her wayward journey into the world of professional dance.

Joanne Clifton as Alex dancing her heart out at the final audition.

The thing that grabbed me most throughout this show was the dancing skills of the cast – the intricate and fun choreography was definitely the highlight of the show for me, Joanne Clifton wowed me with her talent – then again, she is a former World Champion Ballroom winner and she definitely lived up to her title. Dancing is not her only skill though, her singing voice truly brought a bit of magic to the stage. Ben Adams flourished on the stage as Nick, the world of musicals definitely suits him with his silky voice and ability to be completely at ease on the scene. His and Clifton’s duets were one of my favourite parts of the show.

Their rendition of ‘Here and Now’ is honestly one of the best ballad’s I have heard in a long time. The chemistry between the pair was intense and I for one wouldn’t mind seeing these two working together again. The pair were supported by a brilliant cast and I truly feel that the voices on stage meshed really well to create an upbeat and uplifting atmosphere within the theatre. I truly grew to love Carol Ball’s portrayal of Hannah (the Hannah’s are always the best!) and we fastly grew to love her quick wit and passion for the arts – this made it even sadder when we realise she had died (I’d say sorry for the spoilers but c’mon, the film was made in the 80’s!). The only thing that I found that didn’t work for me was that a few of the original songs seemed disjointed from the written words and some of the songs seemed to just be there to fill a gap. Saying that the impeccable cast made it their own and the singing and dancing going on up on stage was nothing short of phenomenal! They brought a fresh and unique mix to the show but amongst the new, the old flourished, the renditions of the classic songs ‘I Love Rock and Roll’ and ‘Manhunt’ really made the audience (even those who had never seen the movie) want to get up and dance along!

Ben Adams as Nick and the other members of the cast 

This show was a sensational mix of dance and storytelling with a high energy cast that could make even the quietest of girls wanna get up and dance (and I should know!) The ending medley of the shows songs got everyone to their feet and the smiles on the faces of the cast was the icing on the cake for me. So if you love musicals, dance or just feeling that heart pumping goodness that is a live show then head to!