Ibou Tall and Jazzmates

On the 15th April, Ibou Tall and Jazzmates played in Café Jazz in Cardiff. They are a Bristol based jazz group with Ibou Tall at the centre of the group writing the songs and playing keyboard. Ibou Tall grew up in Senegal starting up his own jazz bands. After a successful career with the Setsima Band, Ibou Tall set up his current band, working to create a new concept, blending Jazz fusion and Afro Senegalese rhythms. Alongside him on the night were a group of three, a saxophonist, bass player and a guitarist. They played a mix of jazz covers from some interpretations of the jazz greats interspersed between original music written by Ibou Tall. It was an enjoyable performance, with long periods of improvisation in many of the songs and individual solos on each of the instruments. The music went down well with the small but friendly crowd. Ibou Tall’s compositions and the structuring of the band were done well, but it was the improvisations and the upbeat, faster rhythms that the audience appreciated the most. It was a good night of Jazz in a friendly setting.

Ibou Tall is currently working on new projects in Bristol, and to find more information on his music and upcoming performances visit: