The Importance of Being Earnest review: Act One brings back Wilde’s most famous work


by Rachel Nurse

I’ve never seen a play performed by such young actors with so much talent. No one left Act One’s the Importance of Being Earnest disappointed. At times I forgot that I was watching a university society enactment and felt like I was in London watching an all-star cast.

The Comedy for Serious People was first performed on 14th February 1895 in London, on the 14th of February 2018 Act One first performed the Importance of Being Earnest. The attention to detail and use of setting were elegantly detailed, yet uncomplicated. There was the right amount to feel involved with the performance. Every little about it was perfect! The play is Wilde’s most enduringly popular play, and for great reason. It’s a farcical comedy where the protagonists create a fictitious persona called ‘Earnest’ to escape and to live a double life. Victorian ways and values interest the contemporary audience as it’s a play that is unusual in the 21st century but can be appreciated even more.

Peter Sadler, who plays Dr. Chausable, stood out as a professional actor. Someone who I can see performing and be touring all over the UK. The light touches of detail Dr. Chausable has made him my favourite character is old-fashioned enthusiasms in particular. The entire cast was outstanding and lengthy reviews could be written of how amazing they all performed.

I would recommend seeing an Act One performance while at university. Once you see one, you plan when you’re going to see the next! Seeing the Importance of Being Earnest was a pleasurable experience and a performance that is enjoyed by someone who appreciates dry humour to someone who loves cucumber sandwiches.