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Ray Quinn | Interview

Georgia Mae Evans

Do you have any rituals or practices you use the day leading up to a show? 

I drive yeah, I park up, check in me hotel, I get in me outfit and I go on stage.

Keeping it simple! Do you have any similarities between yourself and the main character you play, Dan? 

I like being a team leader and he’s a happy go lucky chap, out for adventure, always smiling and making people happy so I guess I can draw some similarities. But it’s a completely different era, the 60’s.

How do you get into character and prepare for your role in rehearsals?  

I chose not to watch the film, ‘cos I didn’t want to do a copy and paste version. I worked with the actors, the creatives, and the writers and found a happy place for me to be in my own little space. We had two and a half weeks of rehearsals in which I had the script and played with the role.

What is your ideal role to play, whether it be a musical, film or tv series? 

I’d love to be able to play James Bond, that would be awesome. I’m a big fan of Bond. Seven’s my lucky number.

Do you have any advice for aspiring actors, singers, dancers or ice skaters? Because you are a quadrupole threat!

Follow your passion. When it’s been tough, the passions remained for me. Once you’ve found your passion, just keep driving at it. Don’t compare yourself to others. Be your own goal and strive to that.

I think that’s really good advice. So, what’s in store for the future for you? Any plans to continue with music?  

I’ve spent the past 8/9 years in the West End in different musicals. It’s been a fantastic journey since leaving X Factor and having the album, but I’m going back into the studio. I’ve been recording, going back to my old swing, orchestral days with a more mature head on my shoulders. I’m hoping to tour the end of next year.

You’ve got a busy few months ahead of you! Do you have any inspirations, if so, who and why do they inspire you?  

My inspirations as a child were Gene Kelly and Donnel O’Connor because of the way they move, how they danced and command a stage. Sam Davies Junior would command the stage and be the jack of all trades. My mum has been a real driving force behind me ever since I was a kid. She pushed me in the right direction – I owe all I’ve got to my mum.

Despite having been on stage since the beginning of your career do you still get stage fright or nervous before opening night?  

There’s always nerves on opening night. Anything that you build up to, you prepare [for]. I’ve always been told by my dad, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”.  Once you get to that point and you have to jump, there are always those jittery nerves. Once I’m comfortable with something I can go out and enjoy my performance.

 Are there any weird/ interesting facts about yourself that most people wouldn’t know?  

I ride lots of bikes. Motorbikes – not cycling. Erm, I like tomatoes? In the summer I like to eat peeled tomatoes out of a tin with salt on.

Do you find there are any differences between performing live and recording for a tv show?   

On stage you’re getting a live reaction whereas on the TV screen you don’t see the reaction. You do your performance as best you can, and you can only anticipate what the public think. I love the live version, ‘cos you’ve only got one chance to get a good performance out. TV, you can get as many chances as you want. [But] you always like to be, as an actor, a bit of a one trick wonder. I wouldn’t say I prefer either one ‘cos I think they’re different disciplines.

Good luck for the rest of the tour!