Review: Buffalo Comedy, Buffalo Bar

A brand new, and very well-publicised comedy night has come to Buffalo Bar. Sitting right on the doorstep of Cardiff University’s student populous, Buffalo comedy promised to bring a professional comedy night with value for money, and it has already delivered with its first instalment.


The room feels like home for stand-up comedy; its capacity balances intimacy and gathering perfectly, and the acoustics make every burst of laughter feel warm.

It didn’t take long for the event to settle completely. Buffalo’s resident compere, Robin Morgan, eased the audience into the giggles with a well-executed mix of seasoned material and audience interaction. He demonstrated himself as a natural comic talent, and made compering look far easier than it is.

First on the bill was Omar Hamdi, who brought pinpoint writing and bundles of energy through a set that everyone could enjoy. With support slots on Russell Kane’s current tour already under his belt, you can expect big things from this man.

What you’d usually expect of the middle-spots at comedy nights is a dip in the quality. However, Bethan Roberts and Lewis Bowman, two rising talents from South Wales, deliver a barrage of laughs, maintaining an already high standard. Bethan showed herself to be a master of misdirection and timing, whilst Lewis advertised himself as that mate you’d love to go to the pub with. Anyone should catch these live whilst it’s still free.

Matt Richardson, the first Buffalo Comedy headliner, was a real treat for the audience. In every possible good way, he was not what you’d expect from a reality show TV presenter working for ITV. Even when discussing seemingly immature topics, such as masturbating and raw chicken (not the same bit),  he applies the material with wit and charm. Although his name is likely to become a particularly famous one over the next year, smaller gigs where he can engage with the audience remain his ideal environment. With the first event sold out, and everyone leaving clearly satisfied, this night promises to have Cardiff in stitches for months to come.

Matt Richardson is currently on tour, and might be heading near your neck o’ the woods! You can check it out here:



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