Review | The Circus of Horrors

By Rachel Nurse


“Tonight was the fright of my life!” First seen in Glastonbury Festival in 1995, the Circus of Horrors is certainly not a show for children or the fainthearted. No, it is a brilliant show for horror loving adults or adrenaline junkies. Belonging to the latter category, I could not wait to witness the spooky dreamscapes and unearthly and astonishingly talented individuals.

Founder John Haze makes dreams turn into nightmares with his travelling show extravaganza. Combining dark comedy, horror and rock and roll with circus acts, the Circus of Horrors uses Goth and steampunk imagery to make the audience’s imagination run wild.

The show includes talented freaky acts who interact with the audience through a storyline that is not relevant and does make sense chronologically. However, the audience certainly are not there for story time but rather to be entertained and spooked! Featuring Circus acts such as sword swallowing, acrobatics, girl in the bottle, knife throwing and hula-hooping, the night was a treat for the senses and nerves.

The acts themselves have stunned masses on stage across the globe and even on our TV screens, they made jaws drop on Britain’s Got Talent in 2011 as semi-finalists. Interestingly enough, they are the only circus act to ever reach the finals of Britain’s Got Talent along with the first Circus to perform in London’s West West in over 100 years. It is obvious to see why with their mixture of scandalous comedy and incredible achievements of physical strength.

However, the most shocking part of the show is the nudity. There is definitely a surprise in store and the actors are in various states of undress throughout the performance.

The Circus of Horrors is most certainly entertaining (especially if you don’t expect the unexpected). The acts were outstanding and the performers worked together to form a truly unique show. The Circus of Horrors have definitely formatted a new type of ‘Freaky Friday.’ A member of the audience called it ‘A Friday Night Freak show, where I nearly s*** my pants,’ a statement I unquestionably could not argue with.

This production exceeded my wildest expectations. This show is a MUST-SEE. They will be performing in Swansea, Aberdare and Weston-Super-Mare shortly and I recommend you get tickets to this one of a kind entertainment.