Review | Hello Cabaret

By Victoria Maria


It is Friday Night. I pack my bag, get my tickets, try to dress elegantly because I’m about to go to the Cabaret now in Cardiff Bay. It has been a while since I saw a musical performance, but I feel the thrill of what’s about to come.

To start the gig, the cast opens with the classic ‘’All That Jazz’’ from Chicago. I can tell they’re a bit nervous, it’s their first track together tonight, and while at times the voice came across as being pitchy, that didn’t take away the shine, great stage presence and the excitement building of what was about to come next.

‘’Diamonds are a girls best friends’’ was another performance which couldn’t be more fun to watch. They were absolutely loving performing together. The audience was enjoying their perfect vocals. I was singing along quietly in my seat. The atmosphere was just flawless. In this kind of intimate performance, there’s no room for error and they certainly know how to conquer the audience attention.

But a night with House of Broadway is more than the technicalities of their great chemistry and incredible vocals: it’s a night filled humour (expect jokes between songs), artists that truly sing their heart out and amazing duets. It’s a memorable night and one I would certainly recommend. They finished the night with an extra song, due to the audience’s request for more and this time, Chicago’s All That Jazz never sounded so good.