Review: Kevin Bridges- A Whole Different Story, St David’s Hall

To say that Kevin Bridges is anything less than a comical genius would be an understatement. His latest tour titled A Whole Different Story, reveals the Scottish comedian’s feelings towards life twelve years into his career. His material had a hilariously nostalgic tone to the childhood days of sleepovers, old gaming devices and internet connection. He brought to attention that the days of PlayStation 1 and asking permission to stay at a friend’s house were over and that today’s children are going to be more occupied with the speed of software updates and the latest WiFi technology. In sharing relatable stories, Bridges made a connection with the audience which created a warm and unified atmosphere in between topics such as the UK economy and class division in Scotland. Kevin Bridges positions himself as a middle to lower class member of society who has to compete with the social etiquette of home-schooled 10 year olds, and upper class dog owners naming their dogs ‘Deigo’ after a famous Mexican painter instead of footballer, Diego Maradona. Bridges makes his show all the more relatable by excluding himself from the upper ranks of society therefore allowing greater audience participation than other comedians in the industry. Of course, it would not be a proper Kevin Bridges show without copious amounts of swearing and sexual jokes including  the problem of accessing pornography when WiFi is only accessible in a public hotel lobby! So whether you’re Scottish, English, young or old, Bridges’ versatile material is appealing, enjoyable and is guaranteed to give you an hour of side-splitting laughter.

Reviewed by Emma Riches.