Review: Mamma Mia!, Wales Millennium Centre

“We would like to warn those with nervous disposition that platform boots and white lycra will feature in this production”. And feature it did- in the form of tap-tastic flippers and electric costumes that had us green with envy and hoping for these fabulous bat sleeves and bright bottoms to be acceptable trends for the next spring/summer season.

Post PSA and excited giggles from the audience, the hit ABBA musical Mamma Mia! opened with heightened epic background music which only added to the magic and buzzing energy in the theatre.

For those unfamiliar with the classic plot; days before her Greek wedding, Sophie’s life-long dream to find her father leads her to inviting three potential men to the island. Amid a medley of sea, sun and (attempted) sarcasm, Sophie’s mother Donna is in a tight fix and the play goes on from there.

Lucy May Barker, as Sophie Sheridan, did great justice to the character we knew and loved, yet Sara Poyzer as Donna Sheridan stole the show with her incredible voice and persona in every act. Barker and Poyzer may be the leads on paper, but Jacqueline Braun and Emma Clifford were the real victims of our laugh-out-loud moments. Playing Rosie and Tanya, the dynamic duo got us wishing we were cool enough to be in a girl band.

Besides the excellent orchestra music, Dancing Queen was a nostalgic throwback to our teens, whereas The Winner Takes it All and Money Money Money was a reminder to work hard and destroy that “Rich Man’s World”.

Taking our seats at the beginning, we predicted an ABBA sing-a-long at some point and were further hinted at one during intermission by insiders. And boy did the show deliver with an unforgettable finale, receiving a truly deserved standing ovation! I mean, yes it was Wednesday and usually the Lash would beckon, but there are no tunes we would rather be turning up to than some iconic 70’s bangers.

An evening of laughter, reminiscing and bobbing heads to music we all have a soft spot for, Mamma Mia! was a feel-good celebration of excellent direction and if nothing else, surely banished our #humpday blues!

By Jamila Gandhi