Review: Million Dollar Quartet, New Theatre

Million Dollar Quartet, New Theatre, Tuesday 2nd April, reviewer: Sarah Harris

Not many people know about the man behind some of the worlds greatest rock ‘n’ roll stars such as Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and of course, the king of rock himself, Elvis Presley. Sam Phillips was the founder of Sun Records and discovered all three of these artists as well as Carl Perkins. Million Dollar Quartet gives us a glimpse in to one of the most remarkable days in the history of music – December 4th 1956. On this day, Phillips gathered all 4 artists in to his studio for an impromptu jam session and marked a day in history.

The play featured renditions of classics such as Blue Suede Shoes, Fever, Hound Dog and Ghost Riders in the Sky. Both Matthew Wycliffe who played Carl Perkins and Robbie Durham who played Johnny Cash, did a fantastic job in portraying the singers and expressing their enthusiasm for their music. Ross William Wild who played the late Elvis Presley also did a subliminal job in showing the stars boyish charm and unique voice. However the real stars of the show were Jason Donovan who played the legendary Sam Phillips and Ashley Carruthers who played Jerry Lee Lewis. Both truly portrayed the Southern routes the characters had and their dedication towards Sun Records.

As someone who knows very little about the origins behind these famous artists yet still enjoys their music, it was interesting to hear about the story behind their fame. Not only were all characters outstanding singers but their acting was also sublime with it almost feeling like you were there during the actual event. Million Dollar Quartet is definitely well worth a watch regardless of whether you enjoy the rock ‘n’ roll genre or not!

by Sarah Harris