Review: Reginald. D. Hunter, St David’s Hall

“Giving pussy to assholes makes them into c**ts”.

Whilst the above quote is not the most orthodox of ways to begin a review of a performance, it may be the only way of exemplifying the original style of comedy witnessed by several hundred people at St David’s Hall, Cardiff last night at Reginald. D. Hunter’s national tour of ‘The Man who attempted to do as much as such’. With anecdotes of his times in Deep South America to the Welsh city of Rhyl, Hunter’s edgy yet truthful style of comedy left the audience in an abundance of laughter.

Once comprehending Reginald. D. Hunter’s honest yet rather brutal comedic occurrences in his life, the audience immediately warmed to him enabling him to speak his mind on issues such as race, sex and relabeling rape as ‘vicious hugs’ in a clever yet comical manner.

Whilst many people may wish to have the super power of invisibility, invincibility or x-ray vision, Hunter discusses his wish to uphold the super power of being able to make people ejaculate when he points at them.  Other gags and stories of the worst things to say to British women were relatable to the audience and therefore led to the appreciation of his comedy which was proven by the reactions and laughter of the hall.

The issue with many comedians is that several other hundred comedians can make the same gags and the show would still be funny. However, Reginald. D. Hunter’s simple and casual approach to the show along with the atmosphere of St David’s Hall allowed for Hunter’s personality to wittily thrive on the stage.