Review: The Invisible Dot New Wave Tour 2013, Chapter

Reviewed by Matthew Lee Schneider

Comedy.  It manifests through seemingly infinite methods and mediums, all striving towards one goal: to be funny.  When one’s divine judge manifests in the form of fifteen minutes of memorized material alone in front of a dimly lit sea of strangers, one will find arguably the most daunting form of comedy, stand-up.

In the world of stand-up, the common theme dancing through the younger comedic generations of today is that of revolution. To do something new, fresh, and progressive is often the key implanted into these up and coming minds to unlock an audience. To remain faithful to the roots that hold together the foundation of stand-up, however, is not to be forgotten in the quest for laughter. The Invisible Dot New Wave Tour 2013, establishing a two day residence at Chapter Arts Centre, recognizes this by deftly delivering the best of both worlds.

A travelling band of four, the New Wave Tour 2013 is comprised of Claudia O’Doherty, Liam Williams, Mae Martin, and David Elms. The defining quality between such small comedic tours is that of chemistry.  Along with flowing superbly well between acts, a sense of camaraderie is effortlessly evoked between performers and the audience, which contributes to the overall euphoric atmosphere live comedy should provide.

The reason such competent connectivity exists between these New Wave Tour 2013 members is heavily a resultant of the sheer variety between acts and personalities. Like many legendary troupes and comedic partnerships before them, to identify and then confidently exemplify unique strengths/weaknesses sets one apart from the rest. For the New Wave Tour 2013, a combination of relatable (Martin), musical (Elms), wildly eccentric (O’Doherty), and satirically intellectual (Williams) forms of comedy allow for a universally appealing sense of humor, and ultimately a memorable night of laughter.


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