Review: Tiff Stevenson, The Riverfront, Newport

Tiff Stevenson, The Riverfront, Newport, Reviewer: Daniel Heard

Tiff Stevenson might not be a household name on the comedy circuit, but make no mistake, she deserves to be. You might have seen her on spits on “Russell Howard’s Good News” or “Live at the Apollo”, but if you get the chance to see her in her element, take it.

Drawing on a lot of real life experience from what has been a varied career in front of the mic to say the least, her show at the Riverfront in Newport wasn’t quite laugh a minute, but was damn funny nonetheless. One of my personal favourites was a joke she made about bingo wings. “If you have them (bingo wings) like I do, wait until you’re travelling in a car at fifty miles an hour, stick your arm out of the window- you’ll laugh for five minutes, then cry for a year”.

The rest of her act was among the same lines, with a few hilarious anecdotes chucked in for good measure, like the story of a heckler who left her a single Ferrero Rocher on the side of the stage, with a note asking her out. As well as flat out referring the poor guy, she ate the Ferrero Rocher too! The best was saved until she got into the topic of superpowers, saying if she was ever granted any, she would become “Sarcasm Girl”, and turn up at crime scenes only to do a slow hand clap. Whether she’s performing for a group of NHS staff (she hints at how blue some of the jokes she made were) or the mixed bag who saw her the same night I did, nobody left disappointed.