By Molly Govus | ★★★★★

It’s safe to say we’ve all experienced that social media rush after accepting the offer from your first-choice university. Group chats for your subject, 15 different pages for your accommodation, group chats for your house, your floor your flat. It gets a bit much, doesn’t it? This is where UniSalad fills in the gaps. An app perfectly tailored to your university life: one app, five sub-folders and a whole load of useful information. Could it get any easier? Creator, Rebecca De Beukelaer, has single-handedly built one app for all your university needs. Goodbye, Overheard at Cardiff Uni!

The layout couldn’t be easier to be follow. As mentioned, there are 5 sub-folders: The Wall, Buy&Sell, Lost&Found, Housing and Travel. No more scrolling aimlessly through Facebook posts of people losing their key on Albany Road – everything is in its own section ready to be accessed when needed. The initiative behind the app brings order and clarity to organising university life – best of all, it is free and takes about two minutes to sign up with your university details.

So, what’s in a name? After a small chat with Rebecca, she explained to me the motive behind the creation of her app. UniSalad is representative of everything coming together as one. You have your travel, your lost items, housing and night out tickets all cradled in their metaphorical bowl, if you will. No fuss, just pure clarity and ease. Rebecca started her app journey in Nottingham, where the app platform is also available. With the number of users in Cardiff rising following the recent app launch, I wouldn’t be surprised if we surpassed Nottingham’s numbers as a university.

On top of all this, the reviews of the app have been stellar. With an average of 4.5 stars, it is without a doubt a hit to the university community. With help from private investors to create and develop the app, its minimalist yet informative UI appeals keeps it sleek and tidy.

Rebecca and her team of ambassadors have already begun promoting the app around campus. From stands at the Woodville to the ASSL where you may spend most of your days, you will find interactive stalls with many prizes to be won (VK’s anyone?). It’s definitely not a chance to miss if you see a stand!

UniSalad can be accessed via Google Play or the App Store and is available now.