Back to Basics: Natural Skincare

You’ve gone green with your eating habits and the environment, but did you know you can go au naturel with your beauty buys too? Enter the rising phenomenon of organic makeup and skincare brands.


A match made in heaven for all of you dealing with sensitive skin! Pai claims to be experts in natural beauty solutions but are especially renowned for their wide array of products targeting sensitivity issues. Approved “organic” by the Soil Association, this brand checks all the boxes; vegan-friendly, cruelty – free but above all being successfully efficient at what their labels claim to do. Starting at $7, their products are undoubtedly value for money, considering how the tiniest amount really does go a long way. The brand is also the first to explicitly list all the ingredients used in simple English, ensuring customers understand what they’re applying on their faces without the need for a chemistry degree!

A safe first purchase would have to be the Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, considering Pai prides themselves on their cleansers and day creams. Loaded with skin soothers and free from irritants, it’s no surprise why that specific item bagged the ‘Best Organic Product’ award. Another gem by them is the Echium and Argan Gentle Eye Cream. The perfect balance between heavy and light but super hydrating, the cream also doubles up as a lip balm and sets as an unexpectedly ideal base for matte lip shades.


Translating to ‘clean’ in Swedish, this London – based brand leaves no room for error or concern with their ‘Clean Stamp’. The seal of approval concentrates on producing formulas that are modern, sophisticated, effective and pleasurable while simultaneously being free from the skin – unfriendly ingredients routinely used in the industry today. By assuring every product undergoes the same treatment to meet the highest organic standards and clearly stating what ingredients aren’t used, REN is a great beauty solution for both men and women. Testimonials from users indicate how their products have worked wonders for even the most sensitive of skin types, which is simply further proof to conclude that items are curated with the needs and demands of customers in mind.

Whatever the season, moisturizing is key to healthy supple skin and REN is known for putting the ‘calm’ in their Hydra Calming Moisturizer. Plus by incorporating light, fresh scents like herbal and citrus notes, their products remain unisex, making it perfect for the male consumers too and all without using artificial colours or fragrances. REN’s anti – aging line is frequently picked up by young adults too, as the items do a brilliant job at efficiently dealing with adult breakouts, like the T – Zone Balancing Fluid and the exfoliating masks.

Physician’s Formula

Born in 1937, Physician’s Formula is an award winning, organic skincare and makeup provider, continuing to change the face of cosmetics for women worldwide. Originally designed to address and nurture sensitive skin, the brand soon developed internationally offering health, glamour and fun to all women. Supplying a vast range in their organic line including mascara, beauty balm cream, and moisturizer, it leaves no question why the high – quality yet affordable range is so popular. Plus with close to zero artificial ingredients, the company have promised these lines are free from harsh chemicals, cruelty and synthetic preservatives, colours and fragrance.

Their latest masterpiece ‘Natural Origin Work it!’ tinted moisturizer, is designed to be worn for all occasions, including the most physically exhausting tasks like sport and going to the gym. Combinations of carrot, kale, lemon and quinoa protein, provide vitamins A, C and E, and amino acids to the body, in return defending skin against environmental exposure and boosting complexion. Another life saver for students like us constantly on the go, is the ‘life-proof’ mascara from the Natural Origin collection which claims to strengthen and lengthen lashes with water-resistant blends.


The primary focus of this well established luxury brand is designing products that rejuvenate and repair poor skin, while still maintaining and respecting the relationship between people and nature. Even if you haven’t been around the world in 80 days, you can be assured that all the ingredients used in the formulas in Amala’s products are sourced exclusively from the best producers worldwide to bring about healing properties for all skin types and conditions.

The brand’s bestseller is the Purifying Blemish Treatment and with the flawless results that it achieves, albeit at a bit of a higher cost, having the lingering scent of blue lotus, lemon and tea tree all actively and effectively cleansing and nurturing, are worth the splash. Also recognized for their innovation and being research driven, Amala’s Brightening Toning Essence uses Narcissus, a plant from Turkey. Harvested at peak state for optimum quality and potential, the blend is produced by organic farmers and 100% free from genetically modified substances yet still successfully combating pigments that lead to dark spots and revives dull, uneven tones.