Colour Trends: New hair, new era?

In light of Billie Eilish’s constant hair switch-ups, we asked contributor Annabel Atkins to discuss the power of hair colour and how it can change your whole look.

Words by Annabel Atkins

From mental health to physical change, a hair transformation has the ability to establish confidence, motivation and satisfaction. Throughout 2021 we saw more hair TikTok trends with the ‘wolf cut’, pops of colour, and even the stacked bob made a return. For 2022, trend predictions have been cast where we will see fluffy volumized layers, warm and soft blonde tones for spring and 3D curls all year round. With the influence of social media, we are inspired to change up our look multiple times a year. But just how powerful is a hair transformation?

A haircut is so much more than self-expression. Redefining yourself through a hair switch-up can be liberating as it defines key periods in your life. When something significant happens where I am seeking change, I immediately reach for the scissors and book a hair appointment. It is only now, looking back at photos where my hair has gone from one extreme to the other, that I notice where a change took place; more often than not, it was a breakup. Although my pixie cut didn’t quite resemble the desired photo I shared with the hairdresser, I look back fondly as it represented physically cutting out the negative energy. Whilst the first few times I drastically changed my hair was not a conscious decision, I now understand the power behind a hair revamp as it makes me feel refreshed and ready to tackle the next stage in my life, whatever that be. 

Like any other beauty treatment, we visit the hairdressers to make ourselves feel good. The way we present ourselves is important to the way we feel on the inside, and for me, a good hair day offers a positive mindset. Whatever your next hairstyle, don’t underestimate the impact it can have.