Depop – The New Online Marketplace for Millennials

By Katherine Mallett

Fast fashion has dominated the industry for years now. As humans, we have become accustomed to the convenience, momentum and familiarity of high-street shops, that offer easy and often cheap outfits for every occasion.  But as the market persists to flourish, is it about time for a vintage moment?

Depop- 28vintage

With the advent and subsequent success of the online shopping phenomenon, we no longer have to leave the comfort of our own homes (let alone bed) to get our hands on anything and everything we need. However, it is no longer just high street retailers who are controlling the market. Apps such as Poshmark, Etsy and Ebay have made it easier than ever for people to buy and sell their pre-loved clothes or exclusive items. But the app that is dominating the moment is none other than the little red wonder, Depop. The online platform that was founded in 2011 in London, but now has two additional offices in Milan and New York, is helping to define 21stcentury fashion as users are able to easily search, buy and sell their old, unworn or handcrafted items to the extensive 13 million users.

The app boasts a simple and easy to use layout which enables users to upload photos and videos of the items that they are selling to their personal profiles. Profiles in turn become their own little shops where designers and creatives alike are able to exhibit, advertise and sell their exclusive and often special works. Depop has enabled millennials to establish and manage their own, independent businesses encouraging creative flair in our competitive and heavily-saturated consumerist environment.

Not only does Depop act as an authentic and friendly platform for creatives, but it also helps to promote the buying and selling of pre worn (and preloved) clothes. Therefore, it is no surprise that vintage clothes are becoming more popular and loved than ever, as people are able to create bespoke, stylish and pretty cool outfits that can’t be found anywhere else on the high-street. Not only is this good for our insta pics and bank accounts (as second-hand clothes are often cheaper than your average), it’s also helping the environment as it is a lot more sustainable way to shop and sell.

Depop – mollymcf

I couldn’t celebrate the app without recommending some of my fave (aka the best) Depop accounts that you need to follow, or at least check out when you find yourself having your next online browse.

  1. @mollymcf – Instagrammer, YouTuber, blogger and just all-round fashion icon Molly McFarlane, is an avid Depoper who uploads items that are still in the shops but for a fraction of the price. Good for those balling on a budget.
  2. @serotoninvintage – A Depop store that offers a plethora of vintage designer pieces to suit all styles and occasions.
  3. seolgold – For any jewellery lovers out there Seol + Gold presents a range of cute pieces from rings to necklaces that will satisfy everyone’s fancy.
  4. @28vintage – Calling all vintage-loving males…28 Vintage offers ethically sourced pieces delivered in environmentally friendly packaging, not to mention sick items that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Ready, set, go buy all your vintage, sustanible and unique pieces now!