Dior FW2020 Paris Fashion Week: A Show Focused on Female Empowerment

By Denise Dogan

Dior started off the Fall/Winter Paris Fashion Week with an unforgettable statement. Around the room, every where you seemed to look, there was a statement in support of female empowerment. Dior’s creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri didn’t stop there to show support for female empowerment. Dior’s Fall/Winter line for this year brought back the 2000’s grunge look we have missed. We’ve seen a rise in the grunge look making a slow come back to current fashion trends, Dior took it to whole new level. The outfits the models showed off seemed a lot more gender neutral than we would’ve guessed. The brands creative director Maria has been an advocate for feminism for a while now, and we have seen this through the previous line’s she has created.

 However, this year seems to be her strongest statement yet. The last Fall/Winter line was a lot more modern trend, and there was a lot of use of bucket hats that were in fashion not too long ago. As we see grunge making a return, we saw a lot of bandana’s and checked trousers. These were styled with fishnet stockings and leather biker boots. The ultimate grunge look. Maria’s line didn’t end there; the soft grunge make-up was subtle but also made it very apparent that grunge was back. As we watched these beautiful women style the new Dior line, there was a sense of strength they alluded as they walked the runway. Maria reinvented grunge and added a much more modern twist to it. This goes with the use of accessories and style of cuts on the skirts used. The colours were all much more lenient towards an autumn feel rather than a winter one. The line was all very clearly gender neutral, giving off the impression women can pull off men’s clothing. 

 The line was a success and looked stunning on the models. The set up was exceptional and conveyed a very important message. The message Dior sent out to women around the world is one that needs a lot of recognition. The fact their show was one of the first scheduled in, gave them the advantage to leave a lasting impression on their audience. They definitely did. I believe it’s important that big brands like Dior send out important messages on equality and empowerment. They have the chance to reach out to millions of people. Maria Grazia Chiuri has displayed this and emulated it through her lines every time. We admire her for this and the strength she gives to all fashion lovers out there. I thought the show was amazing, and I think that Dior did well in conveying messages on empowerment. Besides the message, I also loved the line itself. The grunge look was pinnacle in fashion history, and I believe the fact it’s made a comeback in a gender neutral way is a positive step forward to a world of equality.