GET THE LOOK SERIES: Nostalgia Edition

Words by Clara Boon

We don’t blame Charli XCX who wants to just “go back to 1999”. Take a look at some of the iconic looks that defined the ‘90s fashion trends that we know and love today.

Wanna be next Jenny from the Block?

Jennifer Lopez has been a fashion icon ever since the nineties. A fan of hitting the clubs in a crop top and low-waist trousers, her style has evolved over the years serving both class and sophistication with a touch of sass.

An easy Jlo inspired outfit can be achieved with just a cardigan and some jeans. In this look, Jlo is seen in New York in a more casual off-duty all black ensemble.

Image result for jlo fur black cardigan look

The faux-fur sleeves add a decadent and dramatic twist to the plain outfit. Grab some of your fave black leggings or jeans for a copycat look. Now, how to locate her black faux fur sleeve cardigan…why not head to Depop for this second-hand Miss Selfridge one. Giving a pre-loved item of clothing a second chance of life makes fashion slightly more sustainable.

Recently, her all-white outfit worn for her performance at the US inauguration ceremony was a fan favourite.

Serving more class than sass in this look, Jlo is certainly a woman who can do both. Although Jlo’s Chanel ensemble is a bit (very much) out of a student’s budget you can achieve a similar look straight off of the high-street.

You can pick up this ‘oyster white faux suede twill coat’ from Zara for around £29.99. ASOS have an excellent range of white flared trousers online to pair with it.

Accompany this with a frilly mesh blouse from Nasty Gal and some heels and you’re ready to hit the best post-covid cocktail bars in town. Maybe white isn’t the most practical colour I hear you say. Alternatively, you can block colour too with darker tones instead if you’re like me and afraid that your post-lockdown partying may incur in some spillages on your new white ensemble.

“Do you prefer ‘fashion victim’ or ‘ensemble-y challenged’?”

Do tartan skirts and white shirts remind you of school? Urgh as if! Another style icon that I am obsessed with is Cher Horowitz from the ‘90s film Clueless. If you fancy dressing like the sassy, preppy icon herself – listen up!

Image result for clueless hallway picture

‘Oh my Gosh – I’m totally buggin!’ There’s so many ‘90s inspired outfits on Depop, so why not type in ‘Clueless’ and have a browse and you can totally be the next Cher! The best place to find some cute tartan skirts is by far Depop. Accounts such as ‘NJ Vintage’ specialise in pre-loved and sometimes ex-designer pieces. You can pick up a staple pristine condition Burberry check skirt for around £150.

Although, understandably if you want to copy this look with a smaller budget why not check out Urban Outfitters who have some upcycled check skirts (£34.00) remade from vintage pieces of fabric. Each skirt has an individual pattern so no two are alike, so you can be stylish and unique!

In the film, we see Cher dressing up to lounge lazily around her a Californian mansion. Although we may not be all locked down in a glamourous stately home during this pandemic, we can still aspire to dress for our inner ‘90s icon. An outfit which really stands out to me is Cher’s driving test outfit.

Image result for cher white ensemble clueless

Dressed in her little kitten heels, her totally impractical and OTT outfit is exactly one of the reasons that we fall in love with her. You can channel your inner Cher and recreate this look yourself with a pastel preppy shirt and mini skirt combo. The vintage white organza shirt (seen below) can be found on Etsy, alongside some similar versions on their website.

Etsy is great for finding individual vintage shops within the site and makes you feel like a certified ‘90s icon yourself. Pop this Zara (£19.99) cropped knitted vest over the organza blouse with a little skirt and you’re ready to go and take your driving test – spoiler alert: and hopefully not failing yours like Cher!

Next time you’re not “feelin so good” or “totally buggin” for what to wear why not turn to our fave ‘90s icons for some fashion fun! TTYL!