GET THE LOOK SERIES: From Harry Styles, Bella Hadid To Zendaya

Words by Emily Haf

Often, celebrities wear clothes that are not budget-friendly, and honestly, we all wish we could dress the way they do but the second we check the price-tag it’s game over. What if we could dress like our celebrity style-icons? Simply by narrowing down the outfit and finding budget friendly clothing shops, or even thrift stores, you can style yourself in a similar way to a celebrity. Let’s get started:

Harry Styles:

We have to be completely honest with ourselves here, we’ve all wanted to dress like Harry Styles. Since becoming a solo artist, his style has become incredibly unique, wearing quirky jumpers and tailored suits. Keeping to classic British style, he is never not in a jumper, which we’re sure everyone needs one right now in the freezing temperatures of the UK.

In this look, Harry is seen wearing a wool sweater-vest woven with sheep all over. It’s not exactly something you’d pick in a shop, but after seeing it on Harry, we can’t help but think we’d look great too.

He pairs the vest with an oversized pair of striped, navy trousers, a classic business casual pairing. Finally, he adds a pair of light pink patent leather boots.

So how can you dupe this look? Well, you can find a similar jumper to the sweater-vest on Zara, simply search ‘Knit Jacquard Sweater’, the pricing is affordable and easily accessible with Zara being one of the most popular shops on the high street currently. You can find a similar pair of trousers in numerous stores including NA-KD Fashion, just search ‘Flared Striped Pants’, again, the prices are affordable ranging from £20-£40.

Bella Hadid:

There’s no denying that we’ve all dreamt of one day dressing like an off-duty supermodel, and seeing Bella Hadid pursue those dreams are crushing. Bella is the younger sister of supermodel Gigi Hadid, so there’s no doubt her style is to die for. She always has a street-chic look and her outfits always seem so effortless.

Here, Bella is seen wearing a brown leather jacket with a white turtle neck, and black wide leg trousers, pairing it with a pair of black chunky Chelsea boots.

The now in trend leather jacket has people going WILD. We are all absolutely for the leather blazer look, creating the most plain outfits your most glam.

So how can I create my own version of this outfit?

Leather jackets are often difficult to find, especially when we aim to get jackets that are vegan and sustainable. Zara have a great affordable alternative, costing only £19.99 currently. How could you not?

The black flares are available in most shops, a great option is ASOS “70s Kick Flare Jeans.”

To finish, we look for the staple white halter, easily found on Zara. This can fit many outfits, not just this dupe of Bella! To find this, search ‘High-Neck T-Shirt’.

Shoes? We often find that high-street brands like Doc Marten are typically very expensive, however, we can find similar styles by more affordable brands. ASOS have a dupe of the Doc Marten classic boots, simply search ‘ASOS Design Attitude 2 lace up chunky boots in black.’

Bella can be seen as a trend setter currently, but we can also look at other celebrities like Zendaya who have set the many trends of 2020.


Can You Wear Sneakers With a Suit? Zendaya Proves It's Possible | Zendaya  outfits, Zendaya style, Fashion

As children, we obsessed over Zendaya, and still we cannot get enough of her. Not only is her ride in fame and appearance in incredible TV series like Euphoria and movies. Her style is something I personally, look up to, she passes classic feminine expectations in fashion, often styling gorgeous suits and two pieces.

In this example, we see a gorgeous tailored navy suit. A smart casual look, perfect for an interview or a meal out. Ok, but how do I recreate this while also staying within a reasonable price range?

Simply go onto ASOS and look for the white top to start, searching ‘Collusion racer back top in white’. The top is versatile and likely found within many brands, however, the Collusion is highly affordable and likely to be of great quality.

Next, how do I find these trousers? Let’s head to ASOS again, searching ‘ASOS design three piece suit trousers in navy pinstripe’, though, I would highly recommend heading to a few charity shops and thrift stores to find more sustainable versions. To pair with the trousers, we need to complete with a matching blazer, if you head to ASOS and search ‘ASOS design belted blazer in navy pinstripe.’

Finally, we have to complete the look with some shoes. Head to Topshop search ‘Aztrek 96 translucent shoe.’

So, we have come to the end, and we can agree that it is possible to replicate celebrity outfits without breaking our pockets, and helping our planet. Sure, Harry, Bella, and Zendaya can approve of this, surely.