How to keep your skin looking and feeling lush in-flight

Yes it’s a bore and a chore to have a routine even on-route to your summer dream holiday, but more often than not you’ll step off the plane to discover rather dry and dull looking skin – an unfortunate side effect that flying has on our bodies. Here are some skin saving tips and tricks to pamper your skin to look extra fresh for Insta once you’re off the plane!

  • Wipe Away

Insecurity may bite at you but the best way to fly is barefaced, especially for long haul journeys. This is because the air on a plane is recycled and already very drying, so it’s best to allow your skin some time off to breathe. If you can’t bear to step outside without makeup on, be sure to remove it with some skincare wipes once settled onboard.

  • Moisturize

After you’ve made sure your face is makeup free, apply a quality moisturizer like the ‘Hyal Ceutic’ by Dermaceutic. It’s an intensely moisturizing cream that contains essential nutrients and hyaluronic acid to help keep skin hydrated for hours on end.



  • Drink lots of water

While your moisturizer is hydrating your face, don’t forget that good skin comes from the inside out, so be sure to drink plenty of water to ensure you stay well hydrated during your flight.

  • Avoid caffeine and adult beverages

Though they may be freely on offer throughout your flight, don’t be tempted as both are really dehydrating! Stick to water instead – your face will definitely thank you for it. If you absolutely have to indulge in either of the two, be sure to mitigate the effects by drinking plenty of water too.

  • Give your eyes some TLC

Gently dab a rich eye cream underneath your eyes. This is the only part of the face that doesn’t create moisture, so the eye contour region can get very dry on a plane. If you’re on a long flight and unconcerned about looking a little silly, try some moisturizing and soothing eye patches. If you don’t have those handy, applying anything cold, such as ice or a can of soda, to the under-eye area works to reduce swelling of puffiness.

  • Mask your fatigue

If you don’t feel comfortable slathering your face with green goo at an altitude of 40,000 feet, there’s an entire range of “sleeping” face masks that go on translucent and are specially formulated to hydrate for hours. If you don’t want to splurge on one, ask for a tiny sample at a beauty counter – it will be the perfect amount and won’t break cabin baggage rules!


  • Embrace the mist

Upon landing, stretch up and wipe down your face again with a refreshing facial mist. Misting your skin with something gentle and non-irritating, such as the classic Evian ‘Facial Spray’, will refresh your face from the stale air and add more hydration.

  • Invest in a lip balm

Be sure to pack a rich and nourishing lip balm as lips quickly get chapped in the drying atmosphere. This will be their salvation.