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LA Splash x Harry Potter


It’s the 1st of September, AKA first day of school at Hogwarts, so obviously we’re bringing you exciting news on the Harry Potter front and no, it’s not memorabilia but a product of actual use! Drum roll please – enter LA Splash’s new HP inspired liquid lip stains that have taken the fandom with storm. Interested on how to turn your muggle life around and feel a little magical after all? Read on!

With a whopping 17 shades to choose from, these out of the world and mesmerizing hues have been named after beloved characters of the series, from the likes of our favorite nerd Hermoine to the most famous serpent there ever was; Nagini.  While many found faults in the inaccurate connection between some  colors and their names, we’re not too bothered and take solace in the fact that the muggle world has finally given us the equivalent of a polyjuice potion which we hope will transform our OOTDs and up our selfie game and of course we’re #blessed to wear a piece of our childhood too. Although we do agree – Ravenclaws have had their hearts played with, by having a deep Bordeaux instead of house colors blue or bronze – we can only hope curators are working on a second installment of this line to rectify their silly errors and compensate by giving us more gems!

Untitled         Still-Our-Hearts

Coming to the actual application of the product, we were slightly put off by the liquid formula but only until we realized the hidden TLC gone behind the smaller details of creating this line, in this case the wand-shaped applicator which couldn’t replicate being a wizard or witch but came close enough. The mousse formula itself is a matte as well as waterproof one, giving that perfect sultry finish whether you’re on dry land or saving yourself from some grindylows for the Triwizard Cup. However we must warn you, the staying power is incredible so do buy yourself a great make up remover while you’re at swiping your card. Also who said this magic is limited for the girls of the fandom? Make up artist @makeupbydg here, is siriusly making us question if we’d rock Alastor like he’s done.

Alastor: A color so electric could surely turn mad moods around!

Harry Potter fan or not, we dare you to try the range which definitely stands out from your standard drugstore picks for its jaw-dropping color palette, if nothing else. So don’t be a muggle and grab your LA Splash Smitten Liptint Mousse for only $14 available here and let us know which color caught your eye!

As for our favourites, co-editor Amy can’t wait to get down with Ginny, Nymph Adora and Ravens Claw and I’ll be taking the plunge by adding Nagini and Sirius to my basket right away! Now only if we could be free of the shipping wait and Accio our new liquid love already *sigh.